Saturday, June 16, 2012

Trying to clear the decks....

I have a lot of projects on a lot of burners.  I'm feeling the pressure to clear out some old stuff.

Here's my old Finish-Along list for the 2nd quarter.  I'm updating it as of today.  Pics forthcoming.  So far 9/14 with #10 on the roster to do today.

1. Red, Grey, Black Quilt from bee blocks.  Still sitting in the snap frame.  haven't been handquilting it.

2. First quilt using Skill Builder Blocks.  Done.

3. Vintage-y quilt 1.  Done.

4. Vintage-y quilt 2. Done.

5. Sew. Happy. Quilt. Done.

6. Postage Stamp quilt. No real progress made.

7. The Lawn Chairs Quilt #1, aka jellyroll quilt .  Done.  Currently in the dryer.

Lawn #1, done!
8. The Lawn Chairs Quilt #2. Still needs to be basted.  Front and Back are done.

9. The boxy bag for Trollop. On to do list for today.

10. Cosmic Burst QAL/Precious QAL. Done.

11. My random Farmer's Wife blocks. Done.  Made them into a table runner thingie.
Farmer's Wife runner
12. Prayer Flag quilt. Done.

13. The Pirate's last shopping bag.  Done.

14. Stained Quilt. The top is done. 


Cherie said...

Wow that's a lot of dones! Just make sure to relax and not get too stressed out =D

JanuaryT said...

Man your smoking it!!! I really need to get busy on my ever growing list. Your doing great!

Anonymous said...

As the first day of my summer break, I did the same thing...itemize what I need to finish up and what I want to start. However, you are making much more progress on your list. Carry on! You will be my inspration!

Flying Blind... said...

Well done you!!!

Katy Cameron said...

I bow at your feet lol Good luck with the remainder :o)

Jacey said...

I really love your table runner. It's beautiful!

**nicke... said...

i need to check some things off my list! good job on all your finishes!