Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jinkeys, y'all!

I can't post pictures...
but, um, I found a dress.
I think THE dress.
It needs altering but I think cutting the train will result in enough fabric to let it out some.
Mom and the MOH both liked it.
The Pirate asked for pics and I had to explain to him that he doesn't get to see the dress.
Until the wedding.
Heh.  He thought it applied only for the day of the wedding.  Heh.
Also, wooo, dress from the Goodwill.  So, no major budget eater.
And, I think my aunt can alter it around Xmas time when I am hopefully in better shape.


  1. oh i am so so so excited for you! and what a goodwill find! that is even better!

  2. Congrats Ella! I'm glad people can find things at Goodwill. I never seem to be able to find anything really good. I do pick up purses there sometimes and take out all the hardware so I can re-use it!

  3. Congratulations for finding the dress. That is the one thing that seems to stress out a lot of brides. I so understand that you can't post a picture of it but perhaps you'd be willing to email it to a few of your friends?

  4. Oh you will have to email photos!!! So glad things are looking up xxx

  5. Congratulations on finding THE dress! Men they know nothing about such things =D

  6. Good for you! So, how long do we all have to wait till we can see pics? ;-)

  7. Congratulations! So exciting! I can't wait for photos :)