Sunday, October 27, 2013

Finally took pics!

Okay, so I had a bunch of finishes that needed to be photographed.

Let's just say yesterday was a mixed bag.

The day started with a run to the Mini Maker's Faire at Georgia Tech.  So. Full. Of. Awesome.
And free.

Then crepes with one of my BFFs, who I haven't gotten to see in weeks.

Then home to try to the photoshoot.  It all seemed to go well.  Until I got my Sisters 10 quilt back in the house...and noticed black on the binding.  Apparently the metal bench I put the quilt on transferred paint?  or dirt?  on the melon colored binding.  Three washes later, it was finally out.  But there was much angst...and it put me WAY behind on my laundry list.

So, I tried sewing.  I'm behind in the Penny Sampler.  I did the 9 of the penny square blocks....and my machine, my back up to the back up, started skipping.  I took both machines apart and cleaned then thoroughly.  Got the Brother to work for all of 5 minutes before it started skipping again.
Took the paper off the Octopi blocks I had done, only to learn that the seams I had sewed with the Janome were off in tension.  I tried to resew over them.  Not sure how it will work since I couldn't easily pull the old seams out and just gave up after a while.

There were tears.  Husband took me to get a blizzard, but the DQ was closed.  Quick run to CVS for ice cream instead.  Gotta a love a man who sees the healing power of chocolate and peanut butter.

So.....I'm trying to decide what machine to get.  Kind of ASAP.  Like, I almost impulsed bought at Target out of desperation.  Right now, I just want a cheaper one to be able to carry about, to school and so forth.

So, pretty much all my sewing plans over the weekend went to hell in a handbasket.

Here's my photo documentation of work completed:

Bess Top
Bess Top

Divided Basket
Divided Basket

Sisters 10
Sisters 10

Wellspring Quilt
Wellspring quilt

Wonky Star (still needs washing)
Wonky Star quilt

Pixie Churn Dash
Pixie Churn Dash

Meridian (coming soon)

Improv Malka
Improv Malka front

Not sure what I'm going to do about stress relief this week if I can't get a functioning machine.  Guess I could try to catch up on laundry.  *sigh*

Bloggers Quilt Festival...Throw quilt submission

Every year I look forward to the Bloggers' Quilt Festival sponsored by Amy over at Amy's Creative Side.   Last year was the first time I put my toe in the water and submitted a quilt entry.
It was a bit intimidating.  There are some phenomenal quilts out there.  Lots of eye candy and inspiration.


I'm putting my favorite recent finish into the throw quilt category.

I sewed this one as part of the Gen X's Sisters 10 block of month.  I jumped the gun and finished early.  Yup.  I love it that much.  It's very early 80s in its color scheme.

Sisters 10

Sisters 10

Sisters 10

Sisters 10

Sisters 10

Name:  Like, Totally Awesome
Size:  78"x78"
Quilted using Aurifil.

If you're a first time visitor, please look around...I'm kind of a project-a-holic.