Monday, April 7, 2014

FAL list, Quarter #2

So, my lists seem to have to border on crazy epic.  Which is fine.  I have a three day sewing retreat and part of June off, so anything is possible.

Finish Along 2014

Sewing Items:
1.  Hexy MF--This one needs to get done and sent off to be long-armed.
Hexy MF

2.  Marcelle Medallion--I kind of petered out on this.  I want to at least add some more layers this quarter.
Marcelle progress

3.  Tear Drop quilt--Have to figure out a plan for this one...and probably send it off to be long-armed as well.

4.  Hexy Diamonds--ticking away at this one.  I'm slower at EPP than I think I should be.
Hexy diamond used for 4x5 mosaic

5.  Converging corners--it either gets done this quarter or pitched.
Converging start

6.  Sidekick bag--mama needs a summer bag!
Sidekick Tote supplies

7.  Meridian #2--it's getting too warm to wear this.  I'd like to have it ready for the fall.

8.  Starlight #1--I have the backing...

9.  Starlight April ALYOF goal.  It's a gift.
Starlight 2

10.  Penny Patch--I have planned this one since Rachel posted the tutorial.  On tap for Stash Bash.
Penny Patch quilt

11.  Tube Quilt #2--Also a gift.  With a deadline
Tube quilt

12.  Tula sampler--I have about half the blocks sorted.  It's coming with me to Stash Bash.
Tula prep

13.  Black/White and color quilt...needs more blocks.  On tap for the 4x5 this session.
black, white, and color quilt

14.  Needlebooks...on a deadline.  Almost completed.

15.  5 metal clasp purses for C...making for my cousin-in-law to be's wedding party.
Bags for Chrissy

16.  Gypsy so need to do this one.  Fabric and bits sorted for a while now.
Gypsy Wife

17.  Feathers #2...I have the paper pieces and fabric sorted.  Coming with to Stash Bash.
Feathers #2

18.  Cluck Cluck Sew Squares and Stripes quilt  (Geek version)  Coming with to Stash Bash.
square and stripes quilt

19.  Stitched in Color, I intended to make this back when Rachel was teaching her Color class.  It got shelved because of the class play.
Stitched in Color bag

20.  Red/Purple quilt...I basted it.  Started quilting it.  Petered out with the ick.
red quilt

In terms of knitting, I'd like to clear out the projects that just need sewing or one sock to finish.

Knitting Items:

1.  Peacock mittens
Peacock mittens

2.  Sherbet shawl
Sherbet shawl

3.  Pink cinnabar and spice sweater
pink sweater

4.  Central Park hoodie
central park hoodie

5.  stripey sock
stripey sock

6.  tutti frutti sock
TuttiFrutti sock

7.  pastel shawl
Pastel shawl

8.  Leaf sock
Leaf sock

9.  green belt
Green belt

10.  blue sweater
blue sweater

11.  icarus shawl
Icarus shawl

12.  yoda hat
yoda hat

13.  cable scarf
cable scarf

14.  black cardigan
black cardigan

15.  socks scraps blanket
sock yarn blankie

16.  brown alpaca sweater
brown alpaca sweater That's 36.  Not counting all the BOMs, Heal circle blocks, and running the 4x5 this session.  Oh, and parent conferences.  Hrm.  I'm throwing it all at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Linking up!!!!