Sunday, February 17, 2013

Finally...some progress.

I'll post pics tomorrow..

But I worked on my string quilt this weekend.  I added 27 blocks to my done pile.  I took 25 of them and made them into a baby quilt.  It's partially quilted.  Going to try to finish the quilting tomorrow.

I quilted the Monster Project Linus quilt.  Going to square it up and put the machine binding on tomorrow.

I worked on my rolling pink/grey quilt.  I'll admit, I was initially kind of bummed about this one.
I had sent out fabric as part of a bee.  Only 9 out of 12 blocks came back.  Which, frankly, kind of led to me beginning to get soured on bees.  I won't ever send out of print fabrics again.  I'm not sure I'll sign up for any more bees that require me to send out my own fabric....unless I actually know all the people.  Anyway, I didn't have enough of some of the fabrics to add more blocks, so I'm making a baby quilt out of it instead.  I still have to piece the back and ponder borders.

I also minimally quilted the rainbow skill builder.  It's going to go to Project Linus as well.  Going to square it up and get the machine binding bit on tomorrow.

I decided to try and tackle the Project Linus quilts off my FAL list.  That way I can deliver them all at once.

I still have to do the Burgundy/Khaki one, the Monkey one, the Blue squares and the HST one.  So...still a ways to go.

I was trying to also clear out scraps...but they just seem to multiply.  Other than string blocks and postage stamp quilts, anyone have a good way to use them up?