Tuesday, September 29, 2015

FAL, quarter 3

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

I have to admit, I didn't attack my massive list (posted here) as aggressively as I planned.  I had a staph infection of my foot that grounded me for a couple of weeks and had a hard time getting my sewjo back.  Then school started up again, and it was draining.  So...yeah.  The next list will be equally mahousive, as I have a big case of the SHINY.

Sewing goals:

1.  #whedonverse swap..DONE!!!  It's getting mailed by Fri.


2.  #muppetcraft swap..DONE!!! I'm still waiting for my partner to get it.

muppet mini

3.  #pirateswap..DONE!! And received by my partner.


4.  Moda Modern building blocks quilt...currently at the long armer.  I'm super excited about this one.

5.  Gypsy Wife quilt...Done!!!

Gypsy Wife complete!

6.  Misdirection...Done!!!
(sorry this isn't a great pic.  It's on my guest bed which is currently laden with projects.)


7.  Castle Wall mini...no progress

8.  Zelda quilt..ummm...I'm a bad wife since I haven't started this yet. (It was supposed to begin the week I got the staph infection.)

9.  Heal Gemstone quilt...done!!!

Heal circle quilt

10.  Tear Drop quilt...untouched.

11.  Raspberry Kiss cat lady quilt...I have a few blocks done.  Petered out.

12.  Small world QAL...postponed until Nov when I get to take the actual class with Jen Kingwell.

13.  Knitting bags (set 1)...DONE!!!

knitting bags, set one

14.  Knitting bags (set 2)

knitting bags, set 2

15.  Knitting bags (set 3)

knitting bags, set 3

16.  C & S improv

C & S improv

17.  Leo's mini

Leo's mini

18.  Ike's mini

Ike's mini

19.  Catvent (Lizzy version)..I have a few blocks done.

20.  Hexy Diamond..haven't touched it.

21.  Dress 1..didn't do it yet.

22.  Dress 2


23.  Dress 3..also not done

24.  Dress 4...nope

25.  Tunic 1..did this one with a batch of others not on my list.


26.  Tunic 2..didn't mess with silk yet.

27.  Tunic 3...nope.

28.  Esme blouse...washed the fabric.  It will be on the next list.

29.  Steampunk quilt...moving it over.

30.  Meridian 2...nope.

31.  Tangential...moving to next list.

32.  Doctor Who sampler...haven't touched it.

33.  Patchwork City...have pulled fabric.

34.  Cross quilt...need to pull it to play with early next quarter.

35.  Itty Bitty Broken Star...nope

36.  Modern Medallion...fabric pulled for next quarter.

37.  AMH improv...top done.  Might finish before quarter officially up.

38.  C &S Fauxdori

C & S Fauxdori

39.  Lizzy Fauxdori

Lizzy House fauxdori

40.  Fauxdori for Robin

Fauxdori for Robin

41.  Fauxdori for Karen

Fauxdori for Karen

42.  Fauxdori for MIL

Fauxdori for MIL

43.  Flannel pj pants...trying to get these done before cutoff.

44.  pouches for Wellspring

pouches for Wellspring

45.  Mystery Medallion quilt with Karie...the one for me is started.

46.  Starbright 2...taking it to Stash Bash.

47. Fauxdori for Ginny

Fauxdori for Ginny

48. Tunic 4...might get it done before deadline

49.  Dress 5...cut pieces.  haven't sewn it.

50.  Dress 6...didn't do it.

51.  Owl Pillow

owl pillow

52.  Fauxdori for Trollop

Fauxdori for Trollop

Knitting goals:

1.  Socks scraps blanket...made some progress.

2.  Felted shawl...did a little bit more.

3.  hat for FIL

hat for FIL
4.  socks for Karen

socks for SIL

5.  May mystery socks...nope

6.  June mystery socks...nope

7.  July mystery socks...nope

8.  August mystery socks...nope

9.  September mystery socks...nope

10.  Edisonade socks...nope

11.  Katniss socks...I still have to frog part of sock #1.

12.  Ariadne sweater...nope

13.  peacock mittens...nope

14.  reverse psych 2...started first section

15.  Rogue roses socks...nope

16.  queen of beads socks...nope

17.  fraggle squiggle socks...nope

18.  Knetted socks...nope

19.  Raven swirl socks...nope

20.  socks for mom...on sock one.

21.  Alluvial shawl...nope.

22. random shawl...nope

23.  rose city rollers...started sock #1.

25 done!!!!

ALYOF Sept finishes (and more)

I finished my items for the #whedonverseswap15.

I decided to make an apron for my partner as she likes to cook.
I went with a Captain Hammer emblem.


I decided I needed to add more, so I made a cross stitch of a quote from "Firefly."


I'm adding a bunch of other lovelies to the mix.

In addition,  I finally finished the socks for my SIL.

socks for SIL

I also finally got around to taking pictures of my C&S improv...which turned into two pillow covers for the guest room.  I have Misdirection pics, too (also now living in the guest bedroom).

C & S improv

(This is the best pic I have as the guest bed is covered in stuff right now.)

I finished the Heal Circle quilt over Yom Kippur.  It was, sadly, the first quilt I've finished in a while.

Heal circle quilt Heal back

I finished the Owl Pillow (which is a Christmas present for a friend of mine).

owl pillow

The Moda Modern Building blocks top is now at the long armer.

Oh, and I finished the hat for my FIL. hat for FIL linking up!