Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Prepped for the Summit!

Today, in general, was sucko.

Started my morn off by hitting my head on a rafter in my classroom.  Hit it hard enough to see stars.
Computer wouldn't start.  It spent the day in time out in the Tech office.  They got it to start, but no one can figure out why it was not starting for me.
Had our class pizza sale.  Ran out of pizza.  Crazy OMG call into Papa John's to ensure kids got fed.
Made the run to the dentist.  Yes, it's a cavity.  No, it couldn't get fixed today.
Going in next week.  Gonna live on Tylenol when it gets hurty and no gummies for me.

Finished last minute projects for Sewing Summit.  (No, I didn't finish them all)

1.  Green skirt done.  I, um, lost the directions, so I kinda winged /wung? it.  How can you go wrong if you put a frog on it?!

Tula skirt

2.  Pouch for me.
pouch for sewing summit

3.  Pouch for swap.

sewing summit swap pouch

4.  Working pouch/sewing travel kit.  (MOAR FROGS)

Tula, work pouch Tula, sewing work pouch

5.  Mostly done packing...I hope.  I have a list for stuff that needs to go in the bag tomorrow.

6.  Printed my boarding pass.  Eep.  So excited.  So nervous.  Twill probably be hivey from flying.  Blarg.