Sunday, June 22, 2014

I've got a blog coming....and possibly a giveaway some time this week...

I've not been posting because I'm frantically finishing projects (see me over on IG for pics) and my Macbook was on the fritz.
Jury is still out on whether or not it's truly ok.
More items now done:
5 clutches
Feathers #2
Squares and Stripes quilt (Geek version)
brown alpaca sweater
tutti frutti socks

 My last ditch efforts will include:
getting my Hexy MF ready to send out to the long armer
finishing a Wellspring quilt
finishing a quilt that's a belated Mother's Day gift for my mom
making my Sidekick bag
putting a crochet edge on a pink sweater

I'm looking forward to "real" time off in July.
Sorry for the lack of pictures.  I'll try to do a picture heavy post by Wed!