Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rolling along...

and trying not to itch.
See...coughing and sometimes just being sick...trigger hives.
Yup. I'm an itchy itchy girl.

I've gotten some things done the last two days.

My New Bee on the Block for Sept.:
New Bee block for Sept.

This is actually my second version. I had a 6th book but it just looked wrong, so I took it off and added some more grey.

I cut up dad's quilt fabric. I'm going to have trouble giving this one up.
I'll try to post a progress pic up later.

I got some fabulous gifties in the mail.
I won some Storyboek. Just petting it feels great.

I also won a HUGE bag of charms from thimble + bobbin.
Out of print Heather Ross fabrics. I literally oooooohed and aaaaaahed as I opened up the bag.
I'm going to have to come up something super special for these.

Sooooo not into this upcoming camping trip with the cold and hives.