Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rocking Sat night!

I got some bee blocks done (actually I finished them last night, but I photographed them today).
3x6 block for Handmade Retro
3x6 block for Yellow_Bee_58
They will be pressed...I have a ton of ironing to do tomorrow.

I started sewing the arms on the Across the Sea Quiltalong quilts.
Across the Sea arms
Across the Sea #2

On tap for tomorrow:
*Mail off Quilting for Kids and finished bee blocks
*Finish bee blocks
*Sew Skill Builder block (cutting pieces tonight...maybe)
*Sew blocks together for at least one Quiltalong quilts. Probably the blue one. I have to make some choices with the purple one about that dusky print. It may leave in favor of an orange solid. For some reason, I cut more pieces than I needed.
*Sew labels on FTLOS objects.
*um....grade papers AND CLEAN.
Anyone got a time machine? I've ridden in a Delorean but I haven't seen any around lately.

Oh, here's the promised goofy dog pic. He was trying to smile at me because I was letting him snuggle with me on the bed.