Friday, December 30, 2011

Winding down...

Well, I am trying to wind up to a MAJOR clean tomorrow.

The reality is, I'm tired.
And I think I may have the ick.

On the other up side, the class play is written. It's going to run about 45 min, I think...maybe an hour if the dance numbers (yes, I think there are three) are longer than I think.

I have to clean up my sewing space (aka the guest room) because my folks are coming to visit mid Jan. I only have one other weekend to spiffify this place from top to bottom. Let's just say that I inherited my OCD...whether intentional or not, it will be inspected.

*big sigh* visiting my parents made me realize what a cluttered up mess I've let the house get.

I have a few home oriented goals for 2012.

Sit down with the Pirate and order seeds for a container garden. (We used plants and did it relatively late this past year.)
Get the entry way tile cleaned and sealed. (yeah, still shaking my head as why the builder didn't do that)
Repaint the kitchen (from a repair and wear and tear)
Ideally that would read repaint the house, but I need to win the lottery for that one.
(Most of the upstairs, except the hallway, has already been repainted by my mom, me, and my Trollop.)
Figure out a way to carve out a sewing space.
GENERALLY PURGE...books, clothes, etc. (This is going to be hard as I am a packrat AND a fabric whore.)

Other goals...
get in better shape/lose weight. I already bought a zumba card. Now I have to go.
(The Pirate and I are having some sort of weight loss competition. Once we iron out the details, I may post them here. I bought us a fairy wand to go on the top of the fridge...I'll explain the reason for it later as well.)
Sew at least a quilt a month.
Go to the Sewing Summit.
Woman up and pick a Bernina. (The Xmas fairies were good to me and mostly gave to the Bernina fund.) Anyone got advice on that one? I know I can't afford a Bernina 820...

The Pirate got me a workhorse Janome 11554 to use as an alternate machine when/if the Brother bites the dust...I want to use it, but I don't have the necessary feet yet. (Note to self: see if feet from brother might be compatible.)

I got some wondrous Christmas gave me a vintage H quilt top. It needs some love and repair, but it's on my list for 2012 to complete. I'll post pics of it at some point to get opinions on backing, quilting, etc.

I've got a big announcement coming mid month. It's going to influence my crafting time, I think....(no, I am NOT pregnant.)

I'm also knitting like mad today. I've started the monsters for cast presents for my students. I need to make thirty. I've going to make them Cyclopean this year.

Anywho, here's my crafty year in review. Some stuff got left off...

projects of 2011

Bee Blocks:
blocks from 2011

I have some UFOs that didn't make the list. I counted mom's big quilt, even though it needs a long armer. I didn't include (I don't think) the 2nd boy version of the Across the Sea.
I still have to piece the back.

I also still need to quilt the Rockin Robin and the monkey quilt. Depending on what I do Mon, I may add those to the list. The monkey quilt top is slated for completion tonight.

Of course, that's all contingent on the ick. I really really want my tummy to stop being hurty.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Finishing Xmas with a bang!

My dream color palette.

That's quite a challenge.

After playing around a bit, I've settled on this one:

1. Floral Folio Dark Orange Allover Leaves Yardage SKU# Y0816-37
2. Flora Tangerine Feathers Yardage SKU# 25055-24
3. Flora Tangerine Lattice Yardage SKU# 25058-15
4. Curio Pumpkin Grunge Yardage SKU# 30150-134
5. Me and My Sister Favorites Purple Rick Rack Yardage SKU# 22073-39
6. Sketch Purple Screen Texture Yardage SKU# C8224-Purple
7. Impressions Purple Plaid Yardage SKU# PWTY015-PURPL
8. Amelia Cotton Playful Purple Stripe Yardage SKU# 22165-14
9. Shades of Grey Ragg Tagg Yardage SKU# S11-01-RAG
10. Shades of Grey Pinstripe Yardage SKU# S11-01-PIN
11. Hyperreal Garden Warm Illusion Yardage SKU# HG-8407
12. Black and White Black Random Pencil Check Yardage
13. Bella Solids Terrain Iris Yardage SKU# 9900-168
14. Ready, Set, Go! Orange Pure Organic Solid Yardage
SKU# Pure Organic Orange
15. Bella Solids Silver Yardage SKU# 9900-183

Purple has been a long time favorite color of mine. I've recently been introduced to the color addition of orange with purple, a combo I never thought I would embrace but am loving.
(Enough that my last set of Nubee blocks was purple and orange.)
Apparently, tangerine is THE color of 2012. I love geometrics.

I'm planning a few quilts in the purple/tangerine theme. Who knew I'd ever be on an "in" trend?!
I'm linking up to Quokka Quilts' Blogger's Choice contest sponsored by the Fat Quarter Shop.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas, y'all!

May you have lots of lovely time with family and friends!
To my crafty friends, may your stockings be filled with FQs, thread, yarn, and ideas!

I'm missing the Pirate, Stinky, and The Kraken, but I'm spending time with my parents and my brother....frantically trying to write the class play.

Keep safe and happy!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

2012 UFO list...

I'm going to count some of these are UFOs because the fabric is laying about, not because I've actually started these:

1. Monkey quilt...The rows to the top are still needs finishing, borders, sammiching, quilting, and binding.

2. Mom's quilt, version 1. (Honestly, this one needs the services of a long arm quilter...but I still need to piece the back.)

3. The Prayer Flag quilt. (It's a mirror of mom's, but was originally meant for me. Ditto on the long armer..unless I make it an abbreviated version. I have to revisit the fabric, maybe it's not for me anymore.)

4. 241 bag for me in Loulouthi. (I have one piece cut out...ran out of time making a 241 for a bday present and shelved mine.)

5. 241 bag in Outfoxed.

6. Random charm quilt. (I started this out of charms I got that didn't work with any projects I had.)

7. HST quilt. (I made a ton of HSTs but pooped out on trimming them.)

8. 2nd apron for The Pirate. (The fabric for his Xmas present came too late for me to make one before I left for my parents.)

9. Swoon in City Weekend (I have had the stack there for months.)

10. Finish the boy version of the Across the Sea QAL quilt. The top is done. The pieced back is not.

11. My Dead Simple QAL cross quilt. I've got the fabric partially cut (in strips, but not squares yet), and the design is done....just needs cutting and assemblage. I think I even have the back pieces somewhere....

12. Pink girlie quilt for Project Linus.

Eep. I didn't think I had 12 projects...
Add to the list:

Sew. Happy. Quilt. QAL 2012
Sparkle Quilt QAL 2012

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A bunch of finishes...

I finished my mom's quilt before Friday, but I didn't take pictures of it until later.

Here it is before washing. (I didn't take any pics post washing for crinkly goodness, but I have already packed it up to come to my parents with me.)

Mom's quilt finished!

Mom's quilt finished! closeup

The handquilting was really time consuming. I'm not sure I'll be doing it again soon.

I finished my Charmed Prints quilt.
Originally, it had a pink border (the pink I used for the binding).
Unfortunately, I did the math wrong somewhere and the piece of flannel I had to use wasn't wide enough. (It was long enough, but not in both directions.) So, I took off the pink border and used it for binding.)

Charmed Prints QAL

It's going to a best friend from college who has had a hard year. I wanted to make her a lovey if she's having a bad day, she can snuggle up to it with chocolate or Chinese food. It will also act as a visual cue for her sweet hubby to give her a big cuddle.
I hope she likes it.

I finished my string blocks for Val over at PinkPlease! for her Heroes quilt.
String blocks for Heroes Foundation

I made a super secret present for Trollop (my best girlfriend).
I have to check and see if she's been reading this blog before I post pictures.
Needless to say, I practiced my free motion in a really random and awesome manner.
Pics will be forthcoming once I check in with her.
I am incredibly (ridiculously) proud of solving a design challenge.
It involved bacon. I'll leave it at that for the moment.

I have to finish my pouch for the giveaway and will finish my quilts for kids blocks tonight.
I'm 2 blocks behind in my skill builder, but I'm not a huge applique fan, so I'm not sure if I'll do them. The circle one is bringing back bad flashbacks to a quilt block I did for a school bee.

Is it weird that I just realized that most of my friends don't read this? Do y'all live in the quilting closet or do all your BFFs read your blogs?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Giveaway winner!

Mr. Randomizer picked #75, which is Tamie.

I'll be contacting you via email to confirm you color preference and mailing address.

In other news, I finished the quilt for my mom.
I'll post pics tomorrow. It's, I think, my all time favorite love.
What I didn't love, however, was the hand quilting. The back is really bad.
It took HOURS and HOURS. I'm glad it's going to my mom, because she'll be ok with an imperfect back and will "get" how long it took to make.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I'm hooking up with

I'm giving away a pouch! It will be custom made for you in your favorite color.
pouches for the Mrs Smiths
Note: It's not going to be one of these pouches, but you can get the idea of what I mean by the picture....

The giveaway closes at 5pm PST on Dec 16.
You don't have to be a follower!
I would love to have you join if you are so inclined, but no pressure.
(Although, *cough* I'm planning another give away when I hit the 100 follower mark.)
For one entry, just leave me a comment. Please make sure I have a way of reaching you.
If you are a no reply commenter, PLEASE include your email. For fun, tell me your favorite song.

For those of you following the progress on the wonky star for mom, I've got 16 out of 25 stars handquilted...
Oooo...bonus entry if you have advice for washing hand quilted quilts.

Be sure to check out the other giveaways at SewMawaSew.

Paying it forward...

You may have seen this around.
I think I've signed up for this at least once around..but I just did it over at Hitch and Thread..and I've done something similar with a group of journally blogger folks at one point (we were all crafters of varying kinds).

I'm picking three folks (the first three who comment that I can contact) to make something for.
It will come some time in 2012. I'll ask you for some hints about likes/dislikes.
In return, you need to post your Pay it Forward button within 48 hours and pass it on...

Any takers?
Also, I have a giveaway coming for SewMamaSew giveaway day.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I can't believe it's Friday.

I haven't gotten nearly as much done this week as I intended to.

I sammiched mom's wonky star quilt.
I'm hand quilting around the stars. I have 4 out of 25 stars done. Um...three took me about 4 hours.
This is not going to be pretty...well, it is.... know what I mean.

I still have 2 sets of charms from the Black, White & Grey swap to mail out, but it seems like they are getting where they need to go and folks seem happy with them.
I may run another swap, but probably not until March. This one took a long long time.

I got home today from work (kids be crazy approaching winter break).
A lovely lovely package (in addition to some bee blocks) was waiting for me.
It was an AMAZING pillow from the lovely Jacey from Jaceycraft.
She blew this one out of the universe. I love the Middle Eastern vibe.
She used 1001 Peeps, which is the line I used for my Across the Sea quilt. It's one of my favorite lines.
She also included some fabric lovelies!
from Jacey!

I'm off tonight to see a Santa Lucia celebration and try to make a bff's birthday party afterwards. I hate it when two loved events are the same time slots.
I made her a 241 bag for her bday.
241 bag

Oh...and I had a shark in my classroom today. It was a shark dirigible. The kids had a blast with we got it down from the rafters...twice.
Much love, y'all.
I've got a giveaway coming Monday, Dec 12.
Assuming I can get my mom's quilt and a technology assignment done this weekend.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Wrapping up Nov. Also, proud.

I finished up a LOT of work in Nov.

I am also kind of proud today...
Even though I didn't get a callback, I auditioned for a play today.
I haven't done that for years.
I have to say, I do kind of wish I had gotten at least a callback, but I am proud I at least took the risk of trying.
It's been years since I've auditioned.
I'm not sure I'll be doing it again any time soon, but at least I tried.
God, it was terrifying.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Today was a bit of a whirlwind...
Packaged up all the Black, White & Grey swap packages.
Drove to a dance studio to check out the place for a performance tonight.
Drove to a theatre to find out where auditions are tomorrow.
Came home to finish some laundry.
Dolled self up and tried to get into bellydance head space.
(I was wearing the pieces from the Japanese Scrap Bag challenge from Pings and Needles.)
Danced in a show. (Did not wipe out going from stage to floor. Woo!)
Stopped by post office after show (WHILE STILL IN GEAR).
Attempt to mail packages thwarted by broken slot/handle thingie.
Came home to scarf some dinner.

I am going to have to mail out the packages tomorrow.
On a totally unrelated note, my house is so dirty right now that it looks like hoarders live here.
It is particularly bad since my complex does not have recycling, but, because I believe in it, I collect it and drive it to a center. I just haven't had time in over a week.
Also, there are Xmas packages I need to mail lingering around the dining room, as well as boots that need to be mailed back and bags that still need to be unpacked.
That is my confessional for the day....I am spent now.
I missed y'all.