Saturday, January 21, 2012


No idea what is going on this morning. CRAZY flash flooding type rain.

Stinky, the Cocker, has never displayed fear of storms that I've seen. This morning, he was shaking like a leaf. There were even whimpering noises.

Then I had a headache kick in. It's like a weird sinus/migrainey feeling combo. Just when the headache dials back a bit, the nausea hit. Like a brick. I'm a big eater. Insanely sweet tooth. Right now, even chocolate sounds gross. I've been able to handle a piece and a half of plain toast.

Anyway....on more pleasant notes. I finished my Dead Simple Cross quilt. I'll post some pictures. My quilting is, frankly, terrible. The binding popped in a spot. I have to rip some seams and resew. I'm leaving it for a bit. I think it will be about 10 min to fix.

In other happy inducing news, my bundle for Quokka Quilts challenge made it to the top 8 finalists. Honestly, I was floored I made it. There were a lot of beautiful bundles. I'm in amazingly good company! Check out the top 8 here.

I have a ton of blocks to catch up on.
Send me happy sewing vibes...