Thursday, April 19, 2012

Personal throwdown...

against myself.
Because I *finally* get to come home tomorrow right after work. (Well, I do have to make a post office run, but still...pretty much right after school.)
Tasks for tomorrow:
I have like 1 1/2 squares left to finish. Which is ridonkulous. I have one block that I think needs more handquilting to stabilize it.
I have to cut up and sew the binding.
It will be sewn on TOMORROW, least the machine sewing.
Finish the orange bag...get something done.

Today was pretty damn cool, y'all.
I had a major prize win that I will share tomorrow.
I got to meet an astronaut who has been on 4 space missions.
My math class did AMAZING on their first geometry unit.
I ate lunch with two ladies from my class and swapped scar stories.
I had my PB chocolate ice cream fix.
I napped with a smooshbeast.
I'm gearing up to teach my spring sex ed unit. (I have the boys and the girl groups.) As ridiculous as it sounds, it's one of my favorite things to teach because I taught AIDS ed WAY before I knew I was going to be a classroom teacher.

slightly craptasticness:
cat woke me at 3:57am. Again. Kraken is evil, yo.
I am waiting to see if one of my students exposed me to poison ivy. She may or may not have tracked it on her shoes..and I go barefoot in my room because the clogs I usually wear make me taller than I really am and then I tend to whack my head on the loft above my desk. Yes, I am EXTREMELY coordinated. I live in fear of what kind of itchiness that could unleash.
I'm bad facial peel. I think it's sunburn. It's making me itchier.

Blarg, y'all. On the upside, twill be the weekend soon and I can sleep!