Thursday, November 29, 2012

Travelin' Pic

I'm still kind of new to EPP.

(I've stalled out on my Hexy MF.)

I need practice.  So I was really excited when Laura and Katy posted up the

(Plus meeting them both in person at Sewing Summit was awesome!)

I went through a LOT of travel pics and finally chose this one:

It's from some graffiti in Barcelona.  I'm kind of addicted to taking pics of graffiti when I travel.

Then I went fabric hunting.  I decided to leave out the green, as I couldn't really find the right color in my stash.

I picked some tree fabric from my trip to Savannah, the last of my yellow Parisville, and some Toomuchery.  I found a brown background I actually liked.

I went with a Spring Carnival pattern, as I'd wanted to try that one for a while and had gotten the templates at Sewing Summit from another Katy  (imagingermonkey Katy).

I finally finished the quilting and binding today.

I think I love it.


EPP pillow


Spring Carnival pillow


Traveling Pic

I'll try to add in a daylight pic, but it's late and I wanted to get my pics up.

I've got a few more finishes coming this weekend.
(The Mod Pop is done, as is my Aunt's quilt...and hopefully so will at least one other quilt this weekend.)

Thanks for putting up a challenge that let me practice my EPP!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bring on the 'Stache!

Ok, so I entered into

I spent a long time trying to decide what to make.  
I actually still have another version floating around my head, but I like how this one turned out.


I was inspired by a knitted version I saw for Movember.
Yeah, I can knit, but could I applique?
I've pretty much only appliqued using a product like Steam a Seam to hold it all together and then sew.
I also don't really use fleece to sew (except for a dog bed).  Plus, I kind of had to wing the pattern.

This time, I had planned on hand sewing it on.  Then I discovered fleece is REALLY hard to hand sew.

So, back to the machine it was.

The How To Bit:

Cut a piece of fleece, about 9" by 30".  (I cut the kid ones at about 7" by 25", which I hope is big enough but I didn't have a kid head around to test it on.)

Cut a piece of liner the same size.

Cut out a stache, using a different colored piece of fleece.

Applique the stache onto your main fabric.  You can get all fancy and choose contrasty threads if you want.

Pin the stache side and the liner wrong sides together.
Sew the long side seams.

Turn inside out.  Press, if desired.  Press a seam allowance of about 1/2" under on one side.

Tuck the end inside of the other end (to close the tube).  Hand sew the seam.

Wear your stache with pride!

I'm going to wear my outside at recess duty.  The kids are already asking if I'll make them some.


What do you think?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope y'all are having happy turkey (or in my case, chicken) day!

Things for which I am thankful:

*a fabulous fiance who is roasting the said chicken
*lovely friends with whom I'll be feasting (and many with whom I can't today)
*a warm house and electricity!
*lots of sewing projects and fabric

I can spill the beans for those who asked about the Sew Intertwined quilt.
It's finally home.

Sew Intertwined

This amazing woman has it.

Nicke and Ella @ Whipstitch
(photo by Jacey)

Nicke is the host of the Heal Circle for do.good.stitches.
She's a rock star.  Giver of squeezy hugs and words of wisdom.
Lover of Hope Valley.
She blogs over at kisskissquilt.
You ever make something and just know who it's going to?
Man, I wish she lived closer.  I'd probably be in better shape if she did.
So so glad I got to meet her in person.

Oh, which brings me to my big thankful..... I'm thankful for the interwebs for bringing some FANTABULOUS folks (including my fiance) my way.  (even if you are torturing me now, interwebs, with sales galore.)

Enjoy your day, y'all!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Modern Mystery Round Robin Reveal...

A few months ago, Michele from Quilts from My Crayon Box put up a sign up for a mystery round robin.

 You made a starter blocks, and then you sent it off.
Each month, a block would come from someone in your group, you'd add to it and send it off.
 Now the final blocks have come back.

 I started out with an improv block.
My starter block

After many moons, this cool piece came back to me:
My final block, MMRR

I haven't decided how I'm going to quilt it yet. I think it's going to stay a mini.
 It was added to by the following amazing ladies:

 I keep having to steal it from the cat, who has given its presence her blessing.  I sent it out with a little book for everyone to write a bit in.  It's a cool momento of every place it traveled and the ladies who added to it!

 Tomorrow, I'll have a post up about one of my quilts.  It has a new home.

 When the sun came out, I got a much better picture of the do.good stitches quilt for the Heal circle.

Heal circle quilt
Heal close up

I had to share those because my indoor pics weren't fab.

Also, this weekend, I've been making stockings.  15 to be exact.  Seven are going to Operation Christmas Stocking.  Eight are going to Hopeful Threads to be given to kids in Children's Hospitals.

Stockings for Operation Christmas Stocking

Stockings for kids!

What have you all been up to this weekend?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Some finishes!

Sewing Mojo I just wish I had more time to sew.
I've been working on my scrap vomit tonight, and I don't think I have enough squares for even the smaller version. (sad face)

Anyway....apologies for the dark photos. It was raining outside today.

Yesterday I finished my Sew Intertwined quilt...finally. I hand quilted it. It's all happy and crinkly.

Sew Intertwined

Sew Intertwined, close up
Sew Intertwined

Sew Intertwined, close up
Then I also finished putting the binding on the Heal Circle's quilt from do.good.stitches. I was a bit behind, as the blocks rolled into me by September.
Not bad for a Monday, right?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

UR Priceless Coin Purse Blog Hop

Today is my day, y'all, to share with you an awesome coin purse pattern.

I'm blog hoppin', courtesy of Katherine at Sew Me Something Good and Madame Samm over at Sew We Quilt.

As someone who wanted the option of making a frame purse but who also has some chemical sensitivities (and can't handle glue for very long), I loved this option.

The pattern was super easy to follow.  You could even use favorite scraps.

I started out with two, but I have plans for more.  They'll make great holiday gifts!


I'm a total Tula addict...and I can't get enough of the frogs.
I made another because I love purples.

Gah! Even the bottoms are cute!
If you want to get the pattern for yourself, they are available for purchase here.
Please check out the rest of the blog hoppers for today!

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Thanks for a lovely hop!

Coming tomorrow...two quilt finishes!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

100 Day Hustle update!

I FINALLY feel like I'm getting my sewing mojo back.
In fact, I wish I could stay up all night and sew.

Here are some blocks I finished this week:

For the Boo Bee: Boo Bee Block, Nov

For Running with Scissors (I'm stalled on Oct's paper pieced block):

Running with Scissors, Nov
Running with Scissors, Nov
For Hurricane Sandy quilts:

Blocks for Sandy
Now for my 100 Day Hustle update.
My list, it was/is insane.  I know.
The ones in red are done!

1. Finish my half dozen ipad sleeves for Remember September
2. Medallion Quilt 

3. Hexy MF (currently stalled out)
4. pouch for Sewing Summit swap
5. pouch for me for Sewing Summit (project bag)
6. Travel tool case for Sewing Summit
7. Finish green skirt embellishment and hemming

8. Tula skirt
9. Spider skirt
10. Paper pieced cushion for the Travellin' Pic--in progress
11. quilt for my aunt
12. coaster set
13. Converging Corners quilt
14. Ghastlies quilt for B.
15. Postage stamp quilt--planning on quilting it Sunday!
16. quilt Sew Intertwined
17. Quilt Mod Pop--pin basted
18. How Far will you go quilt--still behind, but trying to catch up
19. Mouthy Stitches swap
20. 4x5 blocks

21. various and sundry bee blocks--gotten a bunch done, but still have some more for Nov.
22. Heal Circle Improv quilt--getting basted, and quilted tomorrow!
23. Wonky Stars (aka the Condiment Quilt)
24. Malka quilt
25. journal covers
26. Knit Cowl
27. Weekender bag?
28. Scrap Vomit
29. pincushions for swap
30. coin purses

Sorry this isn't uber pic heavy...but I want to keep sewing tonight.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

An evil alliance...

so, election drama aside today...and it was a lot of drama, no matter who you were rooting for...
I came home from work to an incredibly gross surprise.

The evil tuxedo kitty had taken the pill pockets (that i forgot to put upstairs) off the counter.
Her intention was to eat them.
The cocker spaniel intercepted her.


What followed must have been like a scene from the Exorcist because he threw up:

on the cat scratch tower,
in the kitchen,
in the hallway,
on the living room rug....
and on the quilt and blanket on the bed upstairs.

He appears to be ok now.  He had to get bathed.  He'll have to have his teeth brushed tonight.

So..the quilt I thought I'd finish today didn't get finished.
Tomorrow will hopefully be picture laden...with blocks AND a quilt.

Yup, I said it.

Other random updates:
No knee surgery needed.  Just P.T.
Killed the car battery on Halloween.  Totally lucked out that it was just the 12v that died and that the hybrid battery was ok.  Downer, had to pay for a new one and my car still smells like stinky lemon pledge.
Also, I have eaten all the M&Ms I had hoarded and have regained 2 lbs as a result...I have to get back on track.

How are y'all doing this week?