Saturday, November 30, 2013

Finished bits...

Now that my tooth has finally stopped hurting, I've been trying to get stuff done.

I did finish my November ALYOF goal, my scrappy postage stamp quilt.

Not only did I finish the one I planned on getting done in November, I finished two!
Postage #1 Postage #2

I also completed:

my NY Beauty bag
NY Beauty Bag

Heal circle quilt
Heal circle quilt

Pouch for Bama
Pouch for Mom

Pouch for Trollop
Pouch for Trollop

Pouch for G
Pouch for G

Pouch for mom (still need to take pic)

Pouch for Karen
Pouch for Karen

Secret gift (pic coming once it's mailed)

Secret gift #2 (ditto)

Heal Circle blocks for Nov.

Heal blocks for Nov

Space quilt  (OMG the drama, one of the stars had bleeding...washed it 4 times with like a dozen color catchers and the star is almost white now)  I love the quilting on this one! I'll try to take better pics in the morning light. Thank you, Katy, for the rocket block!
Space quilt, post washing

the back:
back of space quilt

I washed the wonky star as well!  No drama on that one.  It's going to it's home on Monday at a baby shower!
wonky washed

Pic of my Octo pillow cover:
Octo pillow

I'm plugging away on my Penny Sampler.  I anchor quilted it on the machine and am hand quilting the rest.  I'm also pattern testing and trying to make 2 more quilts for Christmas!
Penny basted

Also trying to finish one more Meridian and the sidekick bag for me for Xmas.

Total so far on my FAL list:  22/32