Sunday, July 31, 2011

Losing momentum...

I have a load of projects to work on:

Mom's quilt for Xmas
3x6 blocks (I'm doing a Greek cross and have fabric picked out for 4 out of the 6 folks)
the small item for my Make Mine Modern swap (I have an idea, I just haven't cut fabric or sewn)
the Prayer Flag quilt I started for me
The last row of the Rockin Robin (to be posted tomorrow)
the swap item for the For the Love of Solids swap
a quilt top for a little girl in Joplin

I was just feeling wiped out/sick this weekend...out of energy.
I'm trying to gear up again to get going. All I've gotten done today was cutting up bits. I finished a Skill Builder block yesterday...and it was all I had the energy to do.
Skill Builder #6 (block 7)
I like it. I'm realizing, though, that I am going to have to get more fat quarters at some point, because, if I do the challenge blocks, I will not have nearly enough fabric.

I think part of the problem is I'm feeling idea-less.
I'm totally stuck on what to make for the solid swap. I was thinking maybe a wall hanging, but my partner isn't as talky as me (really, who is?) and I'm not sure which colors to use for her. Blarg. Plus my brain is trying to get me to read (just finished The Help...wanted to read it before the movie), clean the house, and restock my classroom all at the same time. Needless to say, I'm not sleeping enough/having trouble winding down.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Finished up Friday!

I have a lot of works in progress...but I feel like I'm moving slow today.
I'm heading in to start cleaning my classroom and making up my shopping list for supplies.
(I may or may not be an office supply slut.)

I finished the Koolaid quilt. It's going to go into storage until we start mailing out Xmas presents. It feels good to have something done, especially for Pirate's family.
It also just screams summer to me.
Koolaid quilt
I'm linking up to this:
Gen X Quilters Summer Fair

I got mail! My Sewn Spaces swap item came yesterday from patriciab.
Sooo in love!

Sewn Spaces Swap Received!
She also included yarn and scissors! Lusciously plummy yarn!
Needlebook from Sewn Spaces swap

I cannot tell you enough how beautiful her work is. Now I have something to aspire to...and some inspiration to finish my Make Mine Modern items today, post classroom swabbing.
Have a lovely Friday, y'all!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP 7.27.11

Been working on the quilt for my mom.
quilt for mom

Have handsewn part of the binding for the Koolaid quilt.
Koolaid quilt


I went from this:

to this:

There will be more sewing tomorrow...
Also, I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Tuesday, right?

I got up early today because I thought the online webinar I was supposed to "attend" was at 10. I wanted to be fully awake. Um. It was at 10...Pacific time.

Ah well.

I was uber productive instead.
I finished the bright batik (nicknamed The Koolaid) quilt. It's all done except for the handsewing.

I have almost finished my big item for the Make Mine Modern swap. One last assembly stage, but the hardest bits are done. *finally* I was really nervous that my straight line quilting would eat the object/mess it up.
I don't think my partner follows me, but I want it to be a surprise.
I'm still pondering what my small item should be. I was thinking an eye pillow? Anyone got better suggestions?

I worked on my mom's quilt. It's about half done (except for the borders). I'm waiting for some matching fabric to come my way. When I've got as much as I can get done this week, I'll post pics. It's not perfect...the whole ripping/reassembling thing wonked out some seam allowances.

I'm getting my hair potentially chopped tomorrow, maybe chin length. It's the longest it's been in years. I'm sick of it. I'm pondering a more flapper look, but my hair gets big. I may or may not post pics.

Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm having a clumsy day...

This morning I hit my browbone on the shower. (Don't ask. I had my eyes closed while I was waiting on a hair treatment.)

I burnt my arm and my thumb on the two different unrelated incidents.

On the plus side, the bright batik quilt is sammiched, though it might not get quilted til Wed.
I got one row (out of 6) done my mom's quilt.

I finished my fourth row of the Rockin Robin quilt along.

Rockin Robin #4

It stormed on and off today. I noticed the cat in pointer mode looking out the window. She had spotted a swallowtail that was trying to dry off its wings. I must have watched it for almost an hour, and I took a ton of pictures.

It was pretty magical.

Sometimes fast goes slow...

I got my skill builder block done today.
And I made HUGE progress (so I thought) on a charm pack quilt for my mom.
IMG_9628 (this is not yet the messup stage)
Until....I actually did the layout and then realized
*headdesk) that I apparently hadn't read the directions as well as I thought I did and pieced blocks together incorrectly. Um...more than 2/3 the time.
In fact, even taking into account the extra blocks I was supposed to have, I only had 12 blocks that worked.
Enter seam ripper. Over and over again.
The pieces are now for the pieces that will go on the back, because I just couldn't rip anymore.
Sometimes fast is slow...

On tap for Monday:
Row 4 of the Rockin Robin
Finishing the back and borders on the bright batik quilt.
Maybe even the quilt sammich if possible.
Quilting the bits of my Make it Modern swap. I am debating handquilting. I'm just not sure.

Friday, July 22, 2011

friday finish!

Well, technically, I finished it yesterday...but I didn't take pics of it until today.
I still have to pack it up (with other goodies) and send it off to it's new owner.

I'm almost done with this quilt top. (I had to get border fabric today.)
It is intended for the Pirate's family. is awfully bright. I like it. I think it's summery and fun, but I'm not sure about whether or not Pirate's family will like it.

I started a quilt that may or may not be for my mom for Christmas.

Speaking of mailing (I did at the beginning of the post, at least)...I hit the post office today.

I sent off charm squares for the Rainbow Swap, Round 2.

And *drumroll* I sent off packages to New Bee on the Block folks!
I'm hoping they'll get to the folks who are abroad before my birthday (mid August).


I won't post the tutorial link for the folks until next week.

Also, I need to issue some major thank you's.
I won a Kona bundle from Canton Village Quiltworks on Ryan Walsh's I'm Just A Guy Who Quilts contest.
It's luscious.

And I won coffee and a french press over at duodishes:
Kraken likes coffee almost as much as I do!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

I finally finished the quilting and the machine stitching of the binding.
All's that left is the handsewing!



I've cut up all my charm squares (all 112) of them for the Rainbow Swap.

I started cutting up all the bits I can for my bee block mailing. As soon as the rest of the fabric comes, I'll finish cutting an mail out the blocks (at least the international ones).
Super excited! There should be a tutorial coming on that as well.

Done so far this week:
charm squares GO!
test square for bee
Rockin Robin, Row 3
Rocking Robin, Row 3, pressed
Fabric assembled for round robin quilt with quilting pal

Still left to do:
*start mom's quilt (I got the supplies)
*Assemble top for Pirate's family's quilt
*finish my big item for the Make Mine Modern swap (in progress)
*Finish my small item

Tabled for now:
Farmer's Wife Quilt (I'm going to paper piece them eventually)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Note to self: Don't be a dumbass. When you have been having tension problems with your machine, don't assume that the tension will be correct when you go to straightline quilt.

Made it almost 1/2 way through the quilting on red, white, and black quilt before I realized the problem. Spent a while picking out that puppy. On the upside, I decided I prefer black thread to white on this one...which will mean another trip to the store tomorrow.

At least I'll have a work in progress to post tomorrow.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I picked out a ton of the messed up quilting on the Pirate's quilt yesterday. Finished the binding today. I'll post a pic tomorrow.
I think I've settled on my bee block fabric. Going to do a retest tomorrow.
I think I have to do some last minute fabric ordering.
I've got the bits laid out for my MMM swap item.
Gonna sew tomorrow...
Night Night.

Also, my batik quilt that was mailed to my friend (as opposed to the one I'm still working on for the Pirate's family) was received and made her cry. Awwww....

Friday, July 15, 2011

I've got my list...

So far, Skill Builder Block done.

Skillbuilder #5

Going to paper piece after I eat something...and start picking out mucked bits of Pirate's quilt.

Oh, and I made a blanket out of a horribly early 80s jellyroll doing the jelly roll race methodology. It's got metallics...SERIOUSLY, I think I had pink metallic stirrup pants (remember those?) when I was in 6th grade that looked like some of these prints. Oh, and I definitely had a purple tiger striped bandanna. Ah, the 80s.

Edit: Did the paper piecing...I have spatial issues.
Also, picked out bad bits of Pirate's quilt...only took me about 5 hours.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Still trucking...

*cough* I may have signed up for more bees and swaps.
Frankly, I'm trying to get my crafting fix in before school starts again.

I made progress today.


It still needs borders and I have to piece the back still.

Pirate's family's quilt:


I have to slice up and rearrange the blocks. Pirate must supervise this, maybe tomorrow.

I played around with bits:
playing with solids

On tap for tomorrow:
picking out mucked up bits of quilting on Pirate's quilt
Skill Builder block
Test driving Bee block for The New Bees
Cutting up border for quilt top above (and maybe pieces for the back)

I think I'm going to make my Make Mine Modern object (or at least one of them) over the weekend. I've had a kind of quiet partner. This was stressing me out until my quilt buddy told me today that all that means is that I get to choose...and do what I think is fun/pretty.
I hope she'll like it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WIP wednesday...

Finishes this week:
Row 2 of Rockin Robin
Bee block for Holly
Mailed trees for Misfit Quilters tree swap
Mailed package for Needlebook swap

Projects I'm working on:
*Quilt for Trollop

*Quilt for Pirate's family

(I'm not sure Kraken approves of the batiks.)

*Choosing a Bee block
*Quilt design for mom's quilt (I think it's going to be some Prince Charming pinwheels...using the tutorial Holly sent)

Projects I should be working on:
picking out the boo boos of the Pirate's quilt
Farmer's Wife blocks

I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting caught up.

I finished row 2 in the Rockin Robin.

rockin robin, row 2

rockin robin

I'm not sure I'll try little bittie (1.5 in.) pieced stars. My machine didn't like them and kept trying to eat them.

I finished Holly's block:
Block for Holly!

I still have a Trollop quilt for my BFF to get going on.
I think I've stalled out on the Farmer's Wife...especially after dealing with the machine trying to eat the little pieces I sewed today. (I handpieced most of them after a bit.)

The Pirate made a scrumptious peach, basil, lemon goat cheese salad I just ate...and spring rolls. I am blessed.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I've got a lot to catch up on...

Need to work on:
the extra block for the skill builder,
my test block for the bee,
my bee block,
Row 2 of the Rocking Robin,
finishing my Sewn Spaces swap goodies,
go on a fabric run for the Make Mine Modern swap,
I'm sure there are more....*sigh*

I've done a TON of triangles for the Rockin Robin.
Finished up my swap stuff for one, still have to wrap it.
Here's a peek.
sneak peek

My test block:
test bee block

My extra skill builder block:
Skill builder extra

I'm going to keep on trucking on the Robin, but wait until tomorrow to cut Holly's block. The reality is I'M SCARED TO CUT THE FABRIC...which is ridiculous, I know.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Late night posting...

The two quilts are bound.
One was delivered to its home today (er...Thursday).
Pics coming.

The second is in need of washing before it's sent off.
That's on tap for the AM.
Pics for that pending as well.

batik quilt

batik quilt back

I tried to catch up on my Farmer's Wife, but it resulted in me making a whopping 2 blocks before giving up. I'll put those pics up as well.

Night night!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Two quilts in need of binding...

I have the machine sewing bits done for the two unfinished lapquilts.
I've got a buncha hand sewing on tape to do tomorrow.



I also finished the first row on the Rockin Robin Quiltalong.
I'm digging the horribly bad 70s prints.



My Farmer's Wife blocks have been languishing. It's the templates. I had planned on transferring them to plastic. But my scissors and my patience ran out. I may attempt some more tomorrow. I feel like I'm falling so far behind in that one.

Please excuse the wretchedness of my pics. (Also, I took the pics after I pinned, but they have gone farther now...binding on.) I've been operating more in the "take a picture" mode than in photog mode. The photographer in me cringes.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Been cutting...

because I kind of prefer to do it in a big go.
(Maintaining measuring focus...NOT EASY.)

I've got pieces cut for The Pirate's parents (lapquilt) and pieces cut for my bestest friend's belated bday lapquilt.
I cut the pieces for the back of the batik quilt. Sewing the back and borders today. Sammiching tomorrow. I have two quilts to sammich tomorrow.
I also have to unpick some binding and add in more fabric.

I made a needlebook for a swap. I'm just not feeling like it's impressive enough.


Sunday, July 3, 2011


Just finished a bunch of trees for a swap.
I'll post pics after I figure out if I'm allowed.

Onward to more quilting. Gotta sew on a border and a patchwork strip for a quilt back.
This puppy needs to be sammiched for quilting. I've got the goal of finishing it up to send off by Fri. I am thinking of also just using ties on the calico quilt rather than quilting it. It means it will actually get done this week..and it's an overdue thank you. Thoughts?

Friday, July 1, 2011

I caught up on some of my list today...

I caught up on the Skill Builder Sampler today.

Here are my three blocks:

Skill Builder-Log Cabin

Skill Builder 9 patch

Skill Builder Churn Dash

I'm actually loving the colors and the prints more than I thought I would. (I'm using a bunch of FQs I got uber cheap at Joann's.)

I cut into my Farmdale stash to start the Farmer's Wife quilt-along.
I've cut up the pieces for a few blocks, but I only have one done so far. I think I'm going for a mix of Kona solids and Farmdale. So far at least.

Farmer's Wife Block #4 (my first completed block)

I spent part of the day trying to glue the templates to plastic and then cutting them up.
Kraken had to be locked up as she was trying to eat the tiny pieces of shrapnel.
I love her but, seriously, she'd be the kid eating paint chips since she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. *sigh*