Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yay! Pattern testing for Sew Sweetness!

Well, I'm not at Sewing Summit, but I get to write about someone I first saw in person at Sewing Summit--Sara at SewSweetness.

She designs glorious bags.
I got to test for one she's just released today, her Aragon bag.

Although it's intended to be a diaper bag, I'm going to use it for gear, either dance or school.
It's a really polished bag.  Sara gave great directions for zippers, and I think this is the best I've ever done with them.  I sewed mine with Collage, mostly because I love the line and needed *ahem* an excuse to buy some.  I've since used up all the text bits I had except for some tiny scraps, and I may need to restock some.

The bag is really gorgeous in its design.  I'm definitely not an expert bag maker, but Sara gives such great directions (with pictures) that even the more challenging elements aren't too hard to handle.

Here's my finished bag:

The inside (when flipped inside out):

Aragon interior

I hear she's got a book coming out.  *adds it to my Xmas list*  So, ahem, click on over to her blog and see all the glorious versions out there.  Sara's awesome!