Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Three down!

I set as a personal goal to make at least 12 Project Linus quilts this year.

I just finished three, binding and all.

First up, my Lovely Finish for Feb...the monster quilt.

Monster quilt

Then I got into making strings over the weekend.  My scrap bag is now half full.  Still need to make some more to clear it out.  But, I took the ones I finished and made them into a baby quilt.
String block quilt

Finally, I took my leftover skill builder blocks and made a baby quilt.
Rainbow skillbuilder

I still have work to do on the Pink/Grey quilt, but that one isn't going to Project Linus.

I've got a few more to tackle from my FAL list before I deliver them to Project Linus.  My hope is to get at least 6 done by the end of March.  So far, my FAL stats are 13/33.  I'm hoping to get 2 more done this week.  Not too shabby.

Today, I got a massage.  Deep tissue/sports.  Gonna have bruises tomorrow....but it will be back to the chiro as well.  My shoulders were all jacked up.