Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Feeling weird....

So, plan for tonight is to pattern test the Meridian.
I have to have enough focus to try to match some stripes.

In the meantime, I'm still feeling kind of off.
My goal over the weekend was to pinbaste a ton of quilts.  I made it through 2 on Saturday before I got hit with a lot of nausea, followed later by itching of the bottoms of my feet and my hands.
Now, I didn't eat anything weird for me (at least nothing I know I'm allergic to).
My first thought was, "Crap.  The pins may be made of metal I'm reacting to."  I had, in fact, stabbed myself several times on the pins.  I had been standing on them while I moved around the bigger quilts.  That said, these are the pins I've always used....and I regularly stab myself without any of this crap every time I use them.  I took Benadryl and woke up itching after it wore off.  I waited out the itchies, which were over by Sunday around noon.  (I also realized at that point that I had forgotten to take my regular allergy meds on Sat.)
I pinbasted the Malka on Sunday.  No nausea, no hives.
Anyone out there with sensitivities develop them to pins?  If so, what the hell do you use to baste quilts?  I'm really hesitant to try spray baste because of chemical issues.

I'm not ruling out that this is I have a sore throat (but I yelled a lot at a noisy mixer last night) and I had weird water blistery looking marks break out on my hands yesterday.  Some are still there and hurt like burn blisters.  (Even though I know I didn't touch anything hot yesterday.)

I went down for the count last in no sewing after a school mixer.  I had trouble dragging myself out of bed this morning, despite at least 8 hours of sleep (that's a lot for me).

I'm falling behind in the Penny Sampler.  I've got the Churn Dash quilted, but not bound.  I've the got Malka's straight line quilting started and two ginormous quilts on deck (The Wellspring and my Sisters 10).

Anyone out there got any ideas about the basting issue or insights into WTF is going on?  I'm open.  I'd rather not dash to the GP if possible.  I'm low on the budget for medical for the rest of the year other than allergy meds.