Saturday, February 25, 2012

sharing the love...

I got the Liebster award from Kelsey, over at Kelsey Sews!

This award is given to favorite blogs with under 200 followers. The Liebster Rules are:
1. Post about your win on your blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who presented you with the award.
3. Copy and paste the award to your blog.
4. Present the Liebster Award to 5 blogs that have less than 200 followers that you think deserve to be recognized.
5. Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

Picking 5 blogs is HARD.

First up is Jacey over at Jaceycraft. She is fab. Her quilts, large and small are gorgeous! One of her lovelies lives at my house now, as I was lucky enough to win an original pillow from her in a giveaway. She also knits these crazy beautiful shawls.

Second is H2Ogirl, my first bee mama, over at Fiber of All Sorts. She helped me get a foot into the wondrous quilty world that is flickr. I'm STILL having a blast!

Then there is Kay over at Shocking Hocking. She's a fellow member of Mouthy Stitches. I have had fun watching her work pop up.

Then there's Issabella the Cat. The colors she uses in her quilts are glorious. We're both hunting the same books.

Finally, Lyanna over at PurplePandaQuilts. She has run some wonderful groups, like the stockings for kids, organizing and collecting stockings for foster kids.