Friday, September 27, 2013

ALYOF September Finish

After petering out of August's goal, I was worried September would be a repeat performance.

Not so!

I set as my goal finishing the Dogwood Blossom quilt (click here to see the details).

This past faux Sewing Summit weekend, I finished it.

Dogwood blossom top

the back:
Dogwood back, completed

I hand quilted around each blossom using perle.  I machine quilted (using a teal Aurifil) in the sashing.

I really love it.  I loved learning the new techniques, having never really appliqued before.  I don't, however, think it's supposed to stay with me.  My relationship with quilts is weird.  I kind of "know" when it's supposed to stay with me and when it's for someone else.  I just haven't figured out who yet.   Hrm.

Anyway, it's done!  So wooooo!  GOAL!!!!!!

Now,  I just have to pick something for October.  Hrm (again).