Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The show is ovah!

My students had their second show yesterday for the elementary school.
It went really well. My OCD tendencies kick in when I'm stressed, so I already had the breakdown of the set plan in place before the show. Kinda sucked a bit that I was not as "in the moment" as I wish I had been, but I was being mindful of coordinating almost thirty cast members while trying to keep safety in mind.
Now, I'm just feeling tired.
I have been sleep deprived for about a week now, and I don't do well without sleep over an extended period. Getting up in the morning has been very difficult...especially with a warm smooshy dog trying to lure you back to sleep. (Seriously, folks, he does this Valentino bedroom eyes thing when he wants you to nap with him....Hi-larious.)

Valentine's was nice. I was too tired to be super enthusiastic...which I felt bad about. The Pirate got me a travel drive so I can back up all my pics. (I had a disaster a couple of years ago when my harddrive crashed and ate a cross country road trip's worth of photos..and my memory card for my camera had been reformatted...OH HOW I CRIED.)
I got him chocolates (well, us, because I ate some) from Lagusta's Luscious.
The Raspberry chocolates were AMAZING. We haven't dipped into the anatomical hearts yet.
I also made him the first 2 of about a half dozen shopping bags.
The Pirate goes to the Farmer's Market for our food mostly and comes back with an insane amount of plastic bags...which we both hate.
I used Canoe Ridge Creations bag tutorial. It was really easy to follow. I can see whipping up a bunch of these.
I'll post pics tomorrow.
I posted my bee blocks for my last 4x5 block and my Sew Bee It blocks. (Internationally posting requires going when the post office is actually open.)
I still have a few other things to post this weekend.
(Got to pack up my Mouthy Stitches items.)

Sewing plans for tomorrow/this weekend:
*Finish my Sparkle quilt QAL. (just have to sew a couple of pieces of sashing as well as baste and quilt)
*New Bee on the Block Feb block
*secret item for secret person
*Sew my FTLOS big item. Prep pieces of small item.
*Attempt a paper pieced block
*sew up the most recent Sew. Happy. Quilt block. (I cut the pieces but haven't sewn them yet.)

Also to ponder.....
*finish my Rockin Robin quilt top and back. (I have to sew on sashing and piece a strip for the back)
*baste the random block quilt...I think the top may need sashing.
If I can finish these two, I'll have 6/8 finishes on my Finish Along list.
The red, grey, black bee quilt should be the easiest finish left on that list...and I need to check what #8 was....hmmm.
*work on my Tango challenge quilt. I have the fabrics. I have the plan. I just haven't sewn.