Thursday, March 20, 2014

missing my sew-jo

But at least now I kind of know why.

I've been sick for two weeks.  My parents came to visit last week.  I lost my smart key.  (MAJOR BUMMER, $$$)  I haven't been sewing much.  Broke a walking foot.  Felt badly about dragging everything out of where I had stuffed it for the parental visit.  Yesterday, the coughing jags started.  No amount of steam was fixing it.
I finally dragged myself to the clinic after work.
Sinus Infection.
Fluid in one ear.
Cough meds.
A puffer (that one is new. haven't ever had one before.)

I slept a lot after.
I still have to go in to hand out a math test tomorrow.
Then home to sleep again.

I'm looking forward to feeling well.  Soon.  Being able to breathe.  Having my sew-jo back.