Sunday, November 30, 2014

ALYOF Nov finish

I set as my November goal finishing my Starbright top.

Well, it was a bear, but, not only did I finish assembling the top, but I also basted, quilted, and bound it!

Part of the frustration was my spatial stuff.  I get spatial positioning reversed A LOT, and the seam ripper and I were friends.  Enough so, that I think I need to ask Santa for a new one.  My old ones are kind of dull.

The other problem was my walking foot.  It started sticking.  I should note that I've actually worn out one foot.  Part of the problem on this was that, I think, it needed oiling.  Add to that problem that I hit the needle position dial at some point (a while ago), and shifted the needle too far over to the right.  This has led to a bur or two on some feet.  Duh that I didn't realize it.  Duh that I took the machine in for servicing because I couldn't figure that one out.  Oh well.  It's clean now and working well.  I need to replace a few feet, though.

Guess it's a good thing Christmas is coming.

Anyway, TA DA...... the quilt!

starlight 1

I've finished a bunch of projects this month.

I completed my Donut quilt:

donut quilt

I ended up making my silence block into a mini rather than a journal, as the block was bigger than I thought it was going to be:

silence mini

That got added to the package for my #makeadalekmakeafriend swap.  BEST. SWAP. EVER.

and got this:
#makeadalekmakeafriend swap received!


I also finished my mini for the Dec guild swap:
Guild mini

a laptop sleeve for my hub's ginormous work laptop:

laptop sleeve

The scarf for my mom:
mom's scarf

some yodas for triplets:


 a dalek:

...and some potholders to add to the tea towels I'm mailing for for Christmas this month.