Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WIP Wed 10.5.11...

I got some stuff done today.
Not as much as I planned because a meeting ran late.
I had to get zippers for my pouch for the Pretty Little Pouch swap.
Totally terrified of zippers.
I got three blocks done for the Nubees:
Nubee, Oct Hive #1

I got most of the machine sewing of the binding for the 100 quilts done. Unfortunately, my bobbin went wonky and I have a row to rip out and redo.
I'll post pics of it when it's fixed.

So, on tap for tomorrow:
Finish Nubee blocks
Fix 100 quilts quilt binding
prototype for pouch
Sew Bee It blocks

slightly on hold:
monkey quilt
New Bee wonky star
picking block/cutting fabric for my bee month

What I REALLY need to do:
get my swap idea up and running ASAP

Linking up to WIP Wed.