Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Three down!

I set as a personal goal to make at least 12 Project Linus quilts this year.

I just finished three, binding and all.

First up, my Lovely Finish for Feb...the monster quilt.

Monster quilt

Then I got into making strings over the weekend.  My scrap bag is now half full.  Still need to make some more to clear it out.  But, I took the ones I finished and made them into a baby quilt.
String block quilt

Finally, I took my leftover skill builder blocks and made a baby quilt.
Rainbow skillbuilder

I still have work to do on the Pink/Grey quilt, but that one isn't going to Project Linus.

I've got a few more to tackle from my FAL list before I deliver them to Project Linus.  My hope is to get at least 6 done by the end of March.  So far, my FAL stats are 13/33.  I'm hoping to get 2 more done this week.  Not too shabby.

Today, I got a massage.  Deep tissue/sports.  Gonna have bruises tomorrow....but it will be back to the chiro as well.  My shoulders were all jacked up.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Finally...some progress.

I'll post pics tomorrow..

But I worked on my string quilt this weekend.  I added 27 blocks to my done pile.  I took 25 of them and made them into a baby quilt.  It's partially quilted.  Going to try to finish the quilting tomorrow.

I quilted the Monster Project Linus quilt.  Going to square it up and put the machine binding on tomorrow.

I worked on my rolling pink/grey quilt.  I'll admit, I was initially kind of bummed about this one.
I had sent out fabric as part of a bee.  Only 9 out of 12 blocks came back.  Which, frankly, kind of led to me beginning to get soured on bees.  I won't ever send out of print fabrics again.  I'm not sure I'll sign up for any more bees that require me to send out my own fabric....unless I actually know all the people.  Anyway, I didn't have enough of some of the fabrics to add more blocks, so I'm making a baby quilt out of it instead.  I still have to piece the back and ponder borders.

I also minimally quilted the rainbow skill builder.  It's going to go to Project Linus as well.  Going to square it up and get the machine binding bit on tomorrow.

I decided to try and tackle the Project Linus quilts off my FAL list.  That way I can deliver them all at once.

I still have to do the Burgundy/Khaki one, the Monkey one, the Blue squares and the HST one.  So...still a ways to go.

I was trying to also clear out scraps...but they just seem to multiply.  Other than string blocks and postage stamp quilts, anyone have a good way to use them up?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


So, I don't have a lot of craftiness to show you.

I survived two shows of the play.  The parents loved it.  The elementary loved it.
I finally have all the costume bits and props put away.

Today, I went to the Capitol with my students.

I got to meet Sen. Carter, who was impressive at managing a room of 6th graders.

I do not have mono.  The verdict is some kind of random virus.  So, I'm still tired. I also pulled my back taking the set apart. Blarg.

I am knitting a shawl.  But I have to take a break because my hands are sore from trying to knit nups.'s back to sewing.  Going to try to get some done tomorrow.  Pics then, I hope.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I'm still alive.  Not much sewing going on.

My sore throat is back (ironically NOT from yelling) and I have absolutely no energy.
The last strep throat visit, the doc brought up the possibility of an underlying case of mono.
I'm thinking it's time to get tested.  I'm not normally like a limp noodle and ready to sleep for hours at a time....even when I'm a stress bunny, I don't feel like this.


The Pirate is feeling better (he went down with a virus), the Co is recovering but not fully back, and I can actually hear most of the cast from the sound booth.

Still...limp noodle.  Not cool, peoples, not cool.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Feb Goals

First and foremost...I need to make it through next Tues.  By then the class play will be over.

Right now, I'm running on almost empty and my co is out with the flu.  Just trying to hold it together one more week.  Then I can get sick if I need to.  Til then, just keep going...just keep going...

Also, I pulled the muscle in my shoulder.  My stressedness isn't making it relax.  Can't get to the chiro til Thurs...workouts on hold.  Trying not to eat my stress.


Tonight's insanity was sewing a stuffed sheep pillow for Little Bo Peep.  I *hope* it's the last thing I have to make.  Have to check the list tomorrow.

I have a bajillion things I want to be sewing that I just can't do right now.

I'm thinking of using up scraps to make thank you cards for the post wedding thank yous.  If I start now, I have ample time to finish making them.

Anyway, this is just me rambling...sorry for the incoherency.

Back to Feb goals.

For my ONE MUST DO project for the year of lovely finishes, I'm picking the Project Linus Monster quilt.  I've got all the bits.  (It's a really simple quilt.)  It just needs to be basted, quilted, and bound.

Monster project linus quilt

(It's farther along than this, I just can't find a pic...or my photo card.)

In terms of the FAL, I've gotten 10 out of my 33 done.
My Feb goal for that one includes:  the Monster Quilt, the rainbow skillbuilder quilt, the superhero EPP (soon to be a tooth fairy pillow), and fixing the Pirate's apron (which I really should do before V day).  I'm aiming for 20 out of the 33 if I can make it...spoiler, March will include the Malka quilt, the monkey quilt, the 2 skirts, the star block and the hope valley projects.  If I can dent the March list this month, twill be glorious, but's not likely.  Feb is admissions month, which means I work a 6 day week...and my parents are coming in early March, which is going to mean a MAJOR cleaning must occur...which means the sewing room will be on lockdown, since they'll sleep is a guest room, at least in theory.

Anyway, if you made it this far, bless you....

Saturday, February 2, 2013

still here...

but madly working away on class play stuff.  Getting close to the end.  (Show in a week.)

Today The Pirate came with me to load in the set in the theatre.  Even working non stop, it still took almost 3 hours to attach the faces to the tower frames and wheel the thrones there.

I am still on the hunt for green tights to finish the piranha plant puppet.  (*sigh* still not done with that one)

I finished my Madrona Road challenge for the Guild.

I think I like it, but I'm not sure I'll keep it.

Madrona Star, close up

Madrona star

I haven't really been doing much other sewing...a bee block.

I'm still behind on a couple of those (which almost NEVER happens).
It's paper piecing, so I need to not have play mind (aka swiss cheese head).

I have a billion projects I want to start, but I really should be finishing things from my UFO list.
Must finishes in Feb from the list are the rainbow quilt, the monster quilt, the superman EPP.

I'm trying to wend my way through at least half or more of my FAL list.

I feel like I'm in slow mo.
Trying to get some exercise back on the regular, since I gained a bunch of the weight I lost back.  LAME, I know.  I went back to Weightwatchers on Thurs.  BACK ON TRACK, Y'ALL!  Even though I want to stress eat an entire bag of Reese's.