Saturday, October 8, 2016

FAL 2016, quarter 4

Rhonda's [Quilt] Ramblings

Here's mostly a roll over list, with a few additions.  I think I've been hesitating on the clothes because I haven't been losing weight..but screw it.  I want some new clothes.  Also, I have a boatload of stuff that's meant to be presents on this list.


1.  Violet Craft's Lion quilt (it's pieced...still needs to be basted and quilted)
Violet Craft lion

2.  Tula sampler block quilt
Tula sampler

3.  Round robin Improv  (haven't done anything with it since I've been home this summer)

4.  Epic Sampler  (basted, not quilted)
epic sampler top basted!

5.  John Adams quilt
John Adams quilt

6.  Summer Sampler  (I still have to catch up on blocks)
summer sampler

7.  Skirt

8.  Hospice 1
Hospice 1

9.  Hospice 2
Hospice 2

10.  Small World
Small World

11.  Doctor Who Sampler
Dr Who!

12.  Maker's Tote
maker's tote

13.  Pool Tote 1
pool tote 1

14.  Pool Tote 2
pool tote 2

15.  Steampunk quilt

16.  Simple Sampler QAL
Simple Sampler

17.  Trail tote 1
trail tote

18.  Trail Tote 2
trail tote 2

19.  Serenity triangle quilt  (top pieced, not basted or quilted)
Serenity quilt

20.  Smorgasboard quilt
Smorgasboard quilt

21.  Pixel Pillow  (Patchwork from Scrap class)
postage stamp

22.  Rail fence quilt  (Patchwork from Scrap class)  (top pieced, not basted or quilted)
Rail fence

23.  Framed quilt
framed quilt (from Stitched in Color)

24.  Scrap bags  (Patchwork from Scrap class)

25.  Tree quilt
tree quilt

26.  Quilt for Erin
quilt for Erin (designed by Stitched in Color)
27.  Project 48 quilt
project 48 quilt

28.  Hamilton Logo mini.  (One of my students submitted a design to me as part of a math contest.  Long overdue.)

29.  Fish quilt
fish quilt

30.  Pi pillows for school
pi pillows

31.  Aviatrix quilt

32.  Forest Fancy quilt
fancy forest

33.  Sushi Washi
sushi washi

34.  Green batik dress
greek batik dress

35.  Avengers top
avenger top

36.  Octopus top
octopus top

37.  Cross Quilt improv
cross quilt start

38.  Patchwork City quilt
Patchwork city

39.  Sprout mini quilt  (Patchwork from Scrap class)

40.  Machine Cover 2  (Patchwork from Scrap class)

41.  churn dash for hospice
churn dash for hospice

42.  Halloween Quilt
Halloween quilt

43.  coaster set (Patchwork from Scrap class)

44.  journal cover for quilt guild swap
Guild swap

45.  cat head for dad
cathead start

46.  fairy/butterfly for MIL
jersey quilt

47.  Bubble quilt for mom
bubble for mom

48.  cat quilt for Sharon
cat head quilt

49.  Ninja top
ninja tank

50.  triangle skirt
triangle skirt

51.  Purple improv
purple improv

52.  HST play

53.Tangential quilt (at the longarmer!)

54.  Triforce throw

55.  Single Girl quilt
freewheeling single girl

56.  Meadow quilt
Meadow start

57.  Meadow mini quilt
frog block

58.  Project Linus quilt
economy blocks

59.  Cactus tunic
Cactus top

60.  Galaxy dress
galaxy dress

61.  Tattoo dress
tattoo top

62.  Leila top

63.  Art student tote
art student tote

64.  purple flower dress
purple dress

65.  magenta dress
magenta dress

66.  zebra washi
zebra washi

67.  Arrow skirt

68.  Itty Bitty Broken star quilt
broken lonestar

69.  Tear Drop quilt

70.  Dr who shoes (need to resew one and elastic both)
dr who shoes

71.  Hospice 3

hospice 2

72.  Ikea look alike bag

Tula vinyl

73.  Ikea look alike bag 2
Tula vinyl

74.  Ikea look alike bag 3

75.  Ikea look alike bag 4

76.  Zip bag

zip bag

77.  Michael Miller challenge

michael miller challenge


1.  Fight the Fairies Shawl
Fight the Fairies Shawl

2.  manticore socks

3.  Peacock mittens
Peacock mittens

4.  Scrap blanket
socks scraps

5.  slip stitch socks
slipped stitch sock

6.  Exploration station shawl
Exploration Station

7.  Rose City Rollers
rose city rollers

8.  Dalek Dog sweater
dalek dog sweater

9.  Katniss Socks
Katniss socks

10.  Raven Swirl socks

11.  Fraggle Squiggle socks

12.  Dishcloths

13.  Sessile socks
Nov mystery

14.  Rose City Rollers 2
rose city rollers

15.  West Knits Mystery KAL
Westknits KAL