Sunday, December 25, 2011

Finishing Xmas with a bang!

My dream color palette.

That's quite a challenge.

After playing around a bit, I've settled on this one:

1. Floral Folio Dark Orange Allover Leaves Yardage SKU# Y0816-37
2. Flora Tangerine Feathers Yardage SKU# 25055-24
3. Flora Tangerine Lattice Yardage SKU# 25058-15
4. Curio Pumpkin Grunge Yardage SKU# 30150-134
5. Me and My Sister Favorites Purple Rick Rack Yardage SKU# 22073-39
6. Sketch Purple Screen Texture Yardage SKU# C8224-Purple
7. Impressions Purple Plaid Yardage SKU# PWTY015-PURPL
8. Amelia Cotton Playful Purple Stripe Yardage SKU# 22165-14
9. Shades of Grey Ragg Tagg Yardage SKU# S11-01-RAG
10. Shades of Grey Pinstripe Yardage SKU# S11-01-PIN
11. Hyperreal Garden Warm Illusion Yardage SKU# HG-8407
12. Black and White Black Random Pencil Check Yardage
13. Bella Solids Terrain Iris Yardage SKU# 9900-168
14. Ready, Set, Go! Orange Pure Organic Solid Yardage
SKU# Pure Organic Orange
15. Bella Solids Silver Yardage SKU# 9900-183

Purple has been a long time favorite color of mine. I've recently been introduced to the color addition of orange with purple, a combo I never thought I would embrace but am loving.
(Enough that my last set of Nubee blocks was purple and orange.)
Apparently, tangerine is THE color of 2012. I love geometrics.

I'm planning a few quilts in the purple/tangerine theme. Who knew I'd ever be on an "in" trend?!
I'm linking up to Quokka Quilts' Blogger's Choice contest sponsored by the Fat Quarter Shop.