Saturday, December 10, 2011

I can't believe it's Friday.

I haven't gotten nearly as much done this week as I intended to.

I sammiched mom's wonky star quilt.
I'm hand quilting around the stars. I have 4 out of 25 stars done. Um...three took me about 4 hours.
This is not going to be pretty...well, it is.... know what I mean.

I still have 2 sets of charms from the Black, White & Grey swap to mail out, but it seems like they are getting where they need to go and folks seem happy with them.
I may run another swap, but probably not until March. This one took a long long time.

I got home today from work (kids be crazy approaching winter break).
A lovely lovely package (in addition to some bee blocks) was waiting for me.
It was an AMAZING pillow from the lovely Jacey from Jaceycraft.
She blew this one out of the universe. I love the Middle Eastern vibe.
She used 1001 Peeps, which is the line I used for my Across the Sea quilt. It's one of my favorite lines.
She also included some fabric lovelies!
from Jacey!

I'm off tonight to see a Santa Lucia celebration and try to make a bff's birthday party afterwards. I hate it when two loved events are the same time slots.
I made her a 241 bag for her bday.
241 bag

Oh...and I had a shark in my classroom today. It was a shark dirigible. The kids had a blast with we got it down from the rafters...twice.
Much love, y'all.
I've got a giveaway coming Monday, Dec 12.
Assuming I can get my mom's quilt and a technology assignment done this weekend.