Saturday, August 3, 2013

More finishes! and an August Goal for ALYOF

This past week, I finished my scrappy trip along.
It's baby quilt sized.  I need to find a friend with a new baby girl to give it to.  My BFF is supposed to have a boy...and I'm not allowed to make the quilt for him until he's born.

Scrappy Tripalong

I decided I needed a break from scrapping and put together my red/purple quilt blocks.  It is now quilted and bound.   (I haven't washed it yet because I'm out of color catchers.)  I love it.  It was intended for another purpose, but I think I may have to keep it.  It's my two favorite colors.  I love the Madrona Road I used for the backing.

Red/Purple quilt
back of red/purple

I pieced together one 60x60 scrap postage stamp throw.  I have most of a second of the same size pieced as well.  That means my postage stamp bin is pretty much empty.

Scrappy Throw #1

I pieced a CRAZY big scrap backing.  I am thinking of using it as the back for my Penny Sampler quilt, but I'm currently a bit undecided now.  I think I'm going to add some borders to the Penny Sampler design and make it big enough to be a bed quilt for the bedroom.  Right now I'm just collecting fabric.  It will have some Tula and green.  It might mean having to repaint the bedroom, but I think I might be ok with new curtains and new paint.  (I say that now.  I truly HATE painting.)  I put pics of the back up on instagram, but I have to put them up here still.

Oh, and like I needed ANOTHER project....I started a new EPP rainbow quilt.
rainbow hexies

....AND I have another project in my head.  I have to make a quick fabric run for it tomorrow.

I have a bunch of stuff in my head that needs to get done this week in the house and project-wise.  Which is kind of stressing me out because I also need to clean out my classroom.

The plan for Sunday is finish my overdue Heal Circle blocks and to thread baste the big piece of the Hexy MF to the base...and to start hand sewing it on.  Ambitious, I know.

Oh, I also need to put up my August goal for ALYOF.  It's still scrappilicious.  (Yes, that is totally a word.)
I want to finish up my string blocks and sew them into a throw.  I think I have 12 blocks so far.

String blocks

It will mean one more box of scraps cleared.

That's it for now.  I need to get my butt in gear and finish crap up.  Also, I'll be 39 in 15 days.  Eep.