Thursday, January 9, 2020

Q4 FAL Fail

so...whelp.  This last quarter has been kind of a disaster...

Work has been...interesting...

So, I buried my head in the sand and was working my butt off (not literally unfortunately) and haven't sewn much these past 3 months.  I was, frankly, super depressed.

I did make some progress on a few projects.
I finished one...which wasn't on my original list. 
I finished a baby quilt for a faculty member's baby shower.

Only one of the three quilts I sent to be long-armed came back.  I've been unable to get a response about what the status of the other 2 are.  I'm hoping she didn't lose them. One was the "I am Enough" QAL quilt.  The other was a Tula quilt meant for hospice.  They'd been with her since the summer.
Yeah...that's prettying much how the last 3 months have been.

So this is my sole finish from my original list:

Sad.  I can't even get a good pic because I'm down to the wire and it's dark outside.
This was my Tula Sweet Tea quilt.  This is the only one of three that came to me from the long armer.  The other two are, perhaps, lost?
Going to contact the better business bureau if she doesn't give me a response.  I paid her.  Not naming her but I can't believe how she's handling her business.
Even more sad because her work is good....

Expect a better list of finishes next quarter!