Monday, May 26, 2014

May ALYOF done!

I had set as a goal quilting and finishing the red/purple quilt.

I have to say, I didn't really enjoy this one.  I don't think my machine likes the YLI variegated I used to quilt it.  I quilted the lines close-ish together and it took FOREVER.  Y'all, I don't know how folks do the matchstick quilting.  I'd cry.

Anywho, it was nice today and my hubs helped me take a daytime pic!

red/purple quilt

A close up:

red/purple quilt

I think this one may be destined for charity.  It started out for me, but I can't keep a quilt at this point unless it's an uber fave.  This one really wasn't after all that quilting angst.

Today, I got the binding on my Starlight #1.  It's close to done.  I just want to add a little more perle quilting.  I got sucked into my Brickless shawl #2.  I'm on the 5 out of 6 repeats.  It gets slower toward the end.  (More stitches.)

I'm trying to finish up a bit of stuff because I have three charity quilts coming up.  Two for Wellspring (one of which will also involve pattern testing) and one for Heal circle!

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Been working...

on evals mostly.

But I took out time to sew this weekend.
Gonna sew some more tomorrow.  The plan is to bind  Starlight #1.  I have it hand quilted and the binding made.  I have two other quilts basted.  Mom's Quite Contrary and the Penny Patch quilt.  I might even get to quilting on both a bit.  I also plan on working on the clutches for my soon to be cousin in law.

Starlight #1, waiting for binding:
working on Starlight 1

I have my red/purple done for the ALYOF, but I haven't gotten decent pics yet.

Which leads me to the crummy pics I took tonight.

I finished my installment on the Crazy and Twisted quilt that was mine to work on.  I have one more coming my way.  This one is done early!  I'm going to mail it off Tues.

Crazy and twisted piece

I finally got to work on my Gypsy wife.  I'm 3 months behind in the QAL.
Here are May's blocks:

May blocks for Gypsy Wife

It's actually mostly red, purple, chartreuse, and some yellow.  I could not get it to photograph decently.

I'm going to go knit a bit before crashing.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bloggers' Quilt Festival: Economy blocks

It's one of my favorite times of year.  I've been sucked into turbo mode at school, so I almost missed throwing my hat in.  There is a ton of eye candy over at Amy's.

I picked one to enter into the hand quilting category.  I used a ton of perle on this one.  I love hand  quilting with perle.  Just found a brand new brand of needle that I'm using now for perle.  I'll have a review of that up in June.

economy block finish

Anyway, this quilt came about from seeing all the Economy blocks pop up all over IG.  I'm a sucker sheep at times, so I had to make them.  I cut into my hoarded AMH Field Study, which is almost gone now save for a few scraps.  (Love love love the blue leopard print, wish I had a bolt)

I mixed in some Kona I had.  I find I keep coming back to the purple/tangerine combo.  My husband calls this my trailer park quilt.  I've already warned him that he can expect a lot of leopard prints when I'm a senior citizen.  It's backed in magenta flannel, so it's been put up until cold weather comes back.  I even got pics during our one of two snow storms in Atlanta.

Economy block finished

I might even have to make another Economy block quilt this summer.  I'll add it to my already insane to do list...which apparently is how I roll.  If you're visiting from Amy's, please consider becoming a follower.  I'm three short of a goal to have a giveaway.

Monday, May 19, 2014

How time flies....

I did finish my May ALYOF goal...the red and purple beast is quilted and bound.

I delivered my orange Starburst to my friend who is retiring.  I got to teach a mini course with her and gifted it on the last day.  It is already being actively loved.

I'm knitting my 2nd brickless.
Working on my twist of the 2nd to last Crazy Twisted quilt to come my way.
Hurt my knee pin basting three quilts over the weekend.

Mostly trying to power through my evals.  I'm officially done with 4 out of 15.  So so slow going.
It's all I'll be doing tomorrow after school.

I'm trying to juggle all the usual end of school year meetings, paperwork, ipads, not to mention the actual work I still have to grade.

How come I feel like I'm living in a tornado?!   And why does my house look like one ran through it....

Sigh.  Looking forward to regrouping this summer and just sewing/clearing clutter/regrouping in general.

Right now I just want to eat all the chocolate/ice cream/carbs..which isn't helpful with my knee.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes, May Goal

I'm going to keep this one simple.  I'm juggling a lot of projects and commitments right now.
Feeling super relieved to have finished pattern testing for a friend and having gotten two hives' worth of blocks done (and almost all packed up for mailing) for the 4x5....done with parent conferences, but not with evals.

Getting ready for high school graduation and retirement party season.

It's going to be a whirlwind month.

I'm working on a Penny Patch this month, but that's not what I'm counting for this month.

I'm going to put the Red/Purple quilt on my list as my May goal, simply because, if I don't, I worry it will sit in the chair in which it currently resides for another month.  It's basted; I'm just not jazzed about quilting it.  It's going to be a lot of straight lines.  Meh.

Purple/Red quilt

I really need to get my butt in gear and practice FMQ this summer.  I'm kind of bored of straight/organic lines.  I tend to hand quilt by default because of my crap FMQ skills.
That needs to change this summer.

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