Sunday, October 27, 2013

Finally took pics!

Okay, so I had a bunch of finishes that needed to be photographed.

Let's just say yesterday was a mixed bag.

The day started with a run to the Mini Maker's Faire at Georgia Tech.  So. Full. Of. Awesome.
And free.

Then crepes with one of my BFFs, who I haven't gotten to see in weeks.

Then home to try to the photoshoot.  It all seemed to go well.  Until I got my Sisters 10 quilt back in the house...and noticed black on the binding.  Apparently the metal bench I put the quilt on transferred paint?  or dirt?  on the melon colored binding.  Three washes later, it was finally out.  But there was much angst...and it put me WAY behind on my laundry list.

So, I tried sewing.  I'm behind in the Penny Sampler.  I did the 9 of the penny square blocks....and my machine, my back up to the back up, started skipping.  I took both machines apart and cleaned then thoroughly.  Got the Brother to work for all of 5 minutes before it started skipping again.
Took the paper off the Octopi blocks I had done, only to learn that the seams I had sewed with the Janome were off in tension.  I tried to resew over them.  Not sure how it will work since I couldn't easily pull the old seams out and just gave up after a while.

There were tears.  Husband took me to get a blizzard, but the DQ was closed.  Quick run to CVS for ice cream instead.  Gotta a love a man who sees the healing power of chocolate and peanut butter.

So.....I'm trying to decide what machine to get.  Kind of ASAP.  Like, I almost impulsed bought at Target out of desperation.  Right now, I just want a cheaper one to be able to carry about, to school and so forth.

So, pretty much all my sewing plans over the weekend went to hell in a handbasket.

Here's my photo documentation of work completed:

Bess Top
Bess Top

Divided Basket
Divided Basket

Sisters 10
Sisters 10

Wellspring Quilt
Wellspring quilt

Wonky Star (still needs washing)
Wonky Star quilt

Pixie Churn Dash
Pixie Churn Dash

Meridian (coming soon)

Improv Malka
Improv Malka front

Not sure what I'm going to do about stress relief this week if I can't get a functioning machine.  Guess I could try to catch up on laundry.  *sigh*

Bloggers Quilt Festival...Throw quilt submission

Every year I look forward to the Bloggers' Quilt Festival sponsored by Amy over at Amy's Creative Side.   Last year was the first time I put my toe in the water and submitted a quilt entry.
It was a bit intimidating.  There are some phenomenal quilts out there.  Lots of eye candy and inspiration.


I'm putting my favorite recent finish into the throw quilt category.

I sewed this one as part of the Gen X's Sisters 10 block of month.  I jumped the gun and finished early.  Yup.  I love it that much.  It's very early 80s in its color scheme.

Sisters 10

Sisters 10

Sisters 10

Sisters 10

Sisters 10

Name:  Like, Totally Awesome
Size:  78"x78"
Quilted using Aurifil.

If you're a first time visitor, please look around...I'm kind of a project-a-holic.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mama needs a new machine....

Ok, so I debated whether or not to make this post.

The reality is I need a new machine.

The Walmart Brother doesn't cut it, and the Kenmore my lovely hubs got me keeps going out of whack.  It will cost more to get it serviced than the machine is really worth.

So, I'm on the hunt.  If I have to buy my own machine, my budget will not allow me to get this one.

I'm just throwing it out there for the fates to decide, since Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival is giving away a Baby Lock Melody.  I'm throwing my hat into the ring, and I'll keep hunting in the meantime.

*crosses fingers*

Friday, October 25, 2013

Oct ALYOF update...

Today is about my ALYOF update.
I finished my quilt.  Early even.

My October goal was to complete the Pixie Churn Dash quilt.  I blogged about it here.
Here is the completed quilt (prewash):

Improv Malka and Pixie Churn Dash

Sorry I haven't posted any new pics.  My head is hurty.  It feels like the head cold is trying to make headway into a full on sinus infection.  I'm trying to head it off at the pass, but it means I've been more scattered than normal this week.  I've not even sewed a couple of days!  I've had to do mental math (and I teach Math) on a calculator!

I have a stack of quilts I need to photograph.  While it's supposed to be cold this weekend, it's not supposed to rain.  I've got it on the list.  It's quite a list.

I'm WAY behind on my Penny Sampler.  I have to sew 2 paper pieced tea cups, penny blocks (21), and start assembly.  Ah, and redo an applique block that is too light.
I still have 2 scrap quilts to pinbaste, quilt, and bind.
Oh, and October Heal circle blocks to do.
Oh, and a quilt (or 2) to pick for the Bloggers Quilt Festival.
....and a machine to dismantle and try to fix. I mention the parent conferences for which I have to prep and the journal I have to grade.  Time machine (preferably a Tardis) anyone?

Tonight, though, I'm going to do sew EPP and watch Dr. Who.  (I've already napped and eaten Chinese food.)  Hubs has promised Mexican hot chocolate.

I *did* finish my wonky star baby quilt.  It's a combo of hand quilting with perle and some hand ties.  I haven't washed it yet.  DEFINITELY going to use color catchers when I wash it.

So, updated FAL list finishes (will also serve as a "to photograph" list):
1.  Bess Top
2.  Divided Basket
4.  Sisters 10 quilt
5.  Wellspring quilt
8.  Wonky Star quilt
15.  Pixie Churn Dash quilt
16.  Meridian #1
20.  Improv Malka quilt

Score so far: 8/32

Monday, October 21, 2013

I had a couple of days off...

so the hubs and I went to Savannah.  If you follow me on IG, you know I like me some cemeteries.

I washed a ton of quilts today, so I'm hoping the weather cooperates tomorrow afternoon, and I can do a photoshoot.  I'll have to leave the promise of pics for tomorrow.

I'm plugging away at my wonky star, but I'm a bit behind on the Penny Sampler.  This week's goals:  catch up on the Penny Sampler, make my do.good Oct blocks, and finish the wonky star.

What did y'all do over the weekend?  What are you up to this week?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Finishes!

I have a bunch of items done.  Despite having a head cold that feels like it's morphing into an upper respiratory thing/sinus infection, I've been sewing and sewing.

Items now completed (although I'm missing pictorial evidence, apparently):

Bess Top.  (It's still too hot here to wear it.  I'm waiting for a cold front.)

Divided Basket.  Seriously, how did I live with this thing before I had it?!  All my sewing bits go in, and now I can actually find them!

Improv Malka quilt.  Love it.  It needs a baby to travel to.  And a wash.
Improv Malka and Pixie Churn Dash
Pixie Churn Dash.  I seriously love this one.  I thought I had a baby it was going to go to, but she had a little girl and I have a quilt that's more in line with her mom's personality already done, so this one is looking for a home, too.  (Totally fine, I have a ton of babies coming to friends and this will lower my stress level.)  It, too, needs a wash.

Meridian #1.  I have to wait a bit to post pics of this one.  This is the one that my machine ate the sleeve on.  I've fray checked it and plan to wear it as is, just grey side out.  Rachael at imaginegnats just launched her kid version of it.

Wellspring Quilt.  It's quilted!  Just needs to be washed to be ready for the hand off at the Nov Guild meeting.

Sisters 10.  I. Love. This. Quilt.  I don't know why I keep saying I don't love pink and it keeps showing up.  This one is very 80s.  Maybe that's why I'm so feeling the love.  The quilt was designed by AnneMarie over at GenXQuilters.  She's pretty cool, and, I think, planning another QAL for 2014.  I'm pretty sure I'm in.
Sisters 10

Progress Made:
The Wonky Star quilt is now a quilt top.  I have purchased some solids for backing and binding.  Plans are in the works to baste it and do a bit of hand quilting.
Wonky Star

The Hexy MF now has all its papers and threads removed.  I still have to do one more layer of applique, but it involves some drawing, so I haven't gotten there yet.

I'm a bit behind in the Penny Sampler.  I haven't started the paper piecing bits yet.
Penny Sampler progress

Next on Tap:
Other than basting, binding, and quilting the Wonky Star and the two postage stamp quilts, I have to design the space quilt and get going on that one.  I'm waiting for a few more blocks for the Heal quilt, but I hope to have that one done by Halloween.  I'm planning a sewing marathon day in Nov to make pouches and maybe the sidekick.
I've also got fabric for the train case redo and need to make my octopus pillow case.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fabric wish listing!

Ok, so there is a really cool linkup happening over here:

Low Volume Swap

You should totally join in.

I'm hoping for some of my favorite fabrics to pop up and for someone to be willing swap or trade or such.

Those of you who follow me know two folks pop up in my work fairly consistently.

First, I'm a sucker for Tula.  Her Prince Charming line is the first one I collected as a quilter.
That frog still kills me.  As does her octopus.  However, I'm hunting for some oldies...ones that came out way before I discovered them.

Nest and Neptune

Anyone got any that wants to swap me?

My second favorite designer is probably Lizzy House.  I love her lines (and am dying for Catnap to come out already).  I may have an octopus dress still planned for Salt Water but I am DYING to make a vintage-y rockabilly dress out of Lizzy's kitties.  Oh, and her foxes in Outfoxed in the orange.  Still in love.

The ducks from Red Letter Day (I missed out) and Outfoxed foxes in the orange.

I'm putting it out there into the universe.  Give me a holler if you're interested.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

No pictures today, and sad faced me.

So, I'm leaning toward agreeing with the Hand, Foot suggestion.  I had a new spate of blistery things on my other hand...and I haven't handled any sewing bits in common with the weekend activities in the past two days.  I still feel like crap, but for other reasons.

I'm currently a splotchy faced, sniffly mess.

I was pattern testing for Rachael at Imaginegnats, who is awesome and lovely.

My Janome had been crabby about sewing knits in the past but had been tended to in the meantime.  I made it through part of the cardi before my machine started skipping stitches.  I switched out thread and needles.  I'd make it part way through a seam...then skipping again.
Then it ate a sleeve.  As in shredded my knit fabric.  So, my cardi #1 is as done as it's going to be.  I've fray checked the hole.  I'm putting Cardi #2 on hold.  I'll have pics of #1 posted at some point, when I'm not a splotch.

I'm going to take the whole machine apart, but, at this point, I'm thinking of throwing it away.
It's not worth paying the $75 to service it again.  I'm also getting soured on Janome in general, having had bad issues with tension on my Horizon as well.  I'm looking for a workhorse that does simple stuff, like straight lines, but can still quilt.  Under $300 if possible.  Any suggestions?  I can't take having a machine that destroys many hours and money's worth of work.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Feeling weird....

So, plan for tonight is to pattern test the Meridian.
I have to have enough focus to try to match some stripes.

In the meantime, I'm still feeling kind of off.
My goal over the weekend was to pinbaste a ton of quilts.  I made it through 2 on Saturday before I got hit with a lot of nausea, followed later by itching of the bottoms of my feet and my hands.
Now, I didn't eat anything weird for me (at least nothing I know I'm allergic to).
My first thought was, "Crap.  The pins may be made of metal I'm reacting to."  I had, in fact, stabbed myself several times on the pins.  I had been standing on them while I moved around the bigger quilts.  That said, these are the pins I've always used....and I regularly stab myself without any of this crap every time I use them.  I took Benadryl and woke up itching after it wore off.  I waited out the itchies, which were over by Sunday around noon.  (I also realized at that point that I had forgotten to take my regular allergy meds on Sat.)
I pinbasted the Malka on Sunday.  No nausea, no hives.
Anyone out there with sensitivities develop them to pins?  If so, what the hell do you use to baste quilts?  I'm really hesitant to try spray baste because of chemical issues.

I'm not ruling out that this is I have a sore throat (but I yelled a lot at a noisy mixer last night) and I had weird water blistery looking marks break out on my hands yesterday.  Some are still there and hurt like burn blisters.  (Even though I know I didn't touch anything hot yesterday.)

I went down for the count last in no sewing after a school mixer.  I had trouble dragging myself out of bed this morning, despite at least 8 hours of sleep (that's a lot for me).

I'm falling behind in the Penny Sampler.  I've got the Churn Dash quilted, but not bound.  I've the got Malka's straight line quilting started and two ginormous quilts on deck (The Wellspring and my Sisters 10).

Anyone out there got any ideas about the basting issue or insights into WTF is going on?  I'm open.  I'd rather not dash to the GP if possible.  I'm low on the budget for medical for the rest of the year other than allergy meds.

Friday, October 4, 2013

4th quarter FAL's EPIC.

Okay, so I'm living large in the world of lists.  In that regard, I'm a legend in my own head.

My sewing room is like a Tardis.  It's bigger on the inside.  Seriously, I come from a line of stuffers/hoarders.  I have an insane amount of projects...and supplies.  I need to get a handle on that this year.  Or sew faster.  One of the two.

So, anyway, here's the list:

1.  Bess top.  I cut it for the Selfish Sewing week, which turned out to be the week from hell.  So, it didn't get finished because I ran out of bias tape.  It will.  Early on.  In time for cooler weather so I can wear it.
Bess Top

2.  Divided basket for me.  Ditto on the Selfish Sewing week original plan.  Cut following the making of a basket for a BFF having a babe.  Never finished it.
Divided Basket for me!

3.  Penny Sampler Quilt.  I'm still on track to finish this one before Christmas.
Penny Sampler so far!

4.  Sisters 10 Modern BOM quilt.  One more block to be released and then I can finish the top and quilt it!
Sisters 10, May blocks

5.  Wellspring quilt.  I made one for the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild donation to the house.  I needed to get batting from the Guild to finish it.  On tap for the Oct meeting.
Wellspring Quilt top

6.  Postage Stamp Top #1.  Made when I cleaned out my scrap bin.
Postage Stamp #1

7.  Postage Stamp Top #2.  Made after #1 when I realized my scrap bin apparently is also like a Tardis.
Postage Stamp #2

8.  Wonky Star Quilt.  I have a baby this one needs to be I need to get inspired.
wonky star baby quilt

9.  Hexy MF.  Seriously, this one needs to be done.  And sent away to come back and be bound.
Hexy MF

10.  Space quilt.  I have to get this one done for the aforementioned mama of the babe that is coming for whom I made the divided basket.  I inherited a block from Katy at The Littlest Thistle.  It is so so perfect, as her nursery themes involve robots and rockets.
Rocket from Katy

11.  Retro Rubies...will only get done if I'm in the mood for curves.  Who knows?!
retro rubies, still in pieces

12.  Converging Corners.  It either gets done this session or it finds a new home.
Converging start

13.  NY Beauty Orphan Block project
orpan block

14.  Bag out of 2 churn dash orphan blocks.
Extra Churns

15.  Churn Dash quilt..Started during The Penny Sampler class.
Churn Dash quilt

16.  Meridian Cardi #1

17.  Meridian Cardi #2

18.  Hexy Diamond quilt.  Realistically, this is not going to get done as it's my long term hand sewing project.  I'm just including it to get it on the master list.
Hexy diamonds

19.  Marcelle Medallion quilt.  I petered out before the Flying Geese section.  Need to make this one happen.
Marcelle progress

20.  Improv Malka quilt
Improv top

21.  Heal Circle Quilt.  (I'm the quilter for September....just waiting for the blocks to come in.)

16 patches for do. Good Stitches
(picture from Emily, used with permission)

22.  Madison's Senior Quilt.  This one may carry over to next year, as it's a graduation present. I'm using 3x6 blocks for this one.
beginnings of Mad's quilt

23.  Pouch for Alicia
Pouch for Bama

24.  Pouch for Trollop
Pouch for Trollop

25.  Pouch for G.
Pouch for Ginny

26.  Pouch for Mom
Pouch for mom

27.  Pouch for Karen
Pouch for Karen

28.  Secret gift pouch #1
Secret Pouch #1

29.  Secret gift pouch #2
Secret Pouch #2

30.  Train Case Makeover
Travel case, in need of makeover

31.  Octopus pillow case for me (I made 2 before, but the one for me is upside down. I've gotten new fabric to redo it.) In the photo, it's the failed one. I'll be making another one, one with the octopi upright, with the cuff on the right.
Pillow case for ME! Octopus pillow case (hubs' version)

32.  Sidekick Bag  (Yup, I wrecked my most lately used 241.  I need a new bag.)  I bought fabric for it a while back when Marla and I shopped.
Sidekick Tote supplies

Yeah.  It's an insane list.  But I think I can make a considerable dent.  Plus, um, there's the pressure of a deadline with the Christmas gift make-age.

Goals for this weekend:
Pin baste like  MOFO....the Malka improv quilt, the two postage stamps, the Wellspring, the Sisters 10, and the Churn Dash....Of course, that means I have to finish the Churn Dash mini first.
Also, cut fabric for the first Meridian....finish the divided basket and maybe the Bess top.