Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May...A Year of Lovely Finishes!

I haven't been sewing that much lately.

Instead, I've been writing grades...and making ribbon wands.

A Lovely Year of Finishes
I did finish my May Year of Lovely Finishes goal.

I had to finish my Heal Circle's (do.good.stitches) quilt.  I put the top together at the Stash Bash, but then stalled out.
I *did* get it done this month!

I think it's been delivered to hospice by now.

Heal quilt

Other things I've been up to:

I made my bridesmaids' gifts (and a birthday gift).  I want to Scotchguard them, but I'm terrified of ruining them.  Any advice?  Do I need to tape off the frames?  Will it shrink linen?  Ack.

bridesmaids bags

Then there are the aforementioned ribbon wands.  I'm still not done with all of them.

ribbon wands

Oh, and hankies to go in the purses:


In other news, my car was a paperweight yesterday.  I was supposed to be a driver for our class's end of the year Pool Party, but I loaded up the car, and it wouldn't start.  I should mention that it's a hybrid, with a newish 12v battery.  It went into the shop today (as I could get it started) and no one can explain why it wouldn't start yesterday.  On the up side, it started...and the garage I take it to is so awesome that they refused to charge me anything even after they ran some diagnostics.

On the down side, I'm tired...and uber sunburnt from the Pool Party.

On another upside, I have new glasses.  Red ones.  To replace the ones the potato gun etched.

Oh, projects/FAL items I never posted:

my I love the 80s swap make:
I Love the 80s swap

Finished infinity scarf!
Infinity Scarf

I think that is all....I will leave you with uber cuteness:

sock monster

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Throw Quilt

I was waiting for the redesign of flickr to settle down.
I've already got a head cold and it was giving me a visually induced migraine.
If anyone can recommend a site they love to upload pics to and link to their blog, I'd love to entertain options.

So, here's my second entry for the Blogger's Quilt Festival over at Amy's Creative Side.  This time in the Throw Quilt category.

Orbit quilt, done!

It's about 60x60.
I straight lined quilted it.
I used fabrics pulled from my stash.  I wanted spring in a quilt!

It's my most recent finish.  The Orbit Quilt designed by Lindsey over at LRStitched.

I didn't get it done in time for her QAL, but I loved the pattern when she posted info for her QAL.  This quilt may be getting a new home, and I may be making another.  I really love this pattern.  I'm spatially slow, so cutting all the pieces was hard for me, but I thought her directions and diagrams were awesome.  It was really satisfying to piece.  (I had planned on doing the piecing at Stash Bash and finished the piecing the week prior in an attempt to calm down my stress level.)

Anyway, thanks for visiting.  Thanks, Amy, for another inspiring Blogger's Quilt Festival!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Baby Quilt Category!

Every year, Amy over at Amy's Creative Side hosts a Blogger's Quilt Festival.
This year we get to submit two quilts, if we so desire.

My baby quilt entry was for a faculty member's new babe.
His name is Guy.
What guy doesn't need a mustache quilt?!

I'd been yearning to make a Must Dash quilt since I had seen it initially.
I hunted up a bundle of Parson Grey's in blues, greys, and buff that I had stashed for a while.

I finished binding it at Stash Bash and delivered it the week after.

Must Dash done!

It's approximately 38" x 48".
The mustaches are appliqued on.  I stuck with a simple stitch in the ditch with echoes on either side for the quilting.  I wanted it to stay nice and soft.

The mustaches still crack me up.

Must Dash quilt for Guy, close up

The babe's dad may have actually teared up with surprise when it was delivered!

Monday, May 13, 2013

And now...with pictures!

Some finishes:

The Heal Circle quilt is actually going to get delivered:

Heal quilt
Heal quilt

I finished an infinity scarf but I have to take a pic.

I did a batch of 3x6 blocks:

3x6, Hive G
3x6, Hive G
3x6, hive G
3x6, Hive G
3x6, Hive G
3x6, Hive G

Allegory finally got a VERY late block:

block for Al

I finished the May blocks for the Heal Circle:

Heal Blocks, May

I'm still working on the scrappy tripalong that I started at Stash Bash.  It's only 48" square.  I'm debating borders to make it bigger.

Scrappy Trip in progress

I *finally* finished the Orbit quilt from way back at the Stash Bash.

Orbit quilt, done!

In totally unrelated news, I got an amazing I Heart the 80s swap from Leona (aka oneygirl):

i Love the 80s swap received!

I still haven't sewn the clutches.  I came home and crashed out.  Then I went to dance practice.
I need to get new glasses.  Apparently, um...the potato juice I got sprayed with when we were using potato launchers etched my plastic lenses.  Not quite sure how that happened.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sorry I've been AWOL.

My computer's been having issues and had to be reimaged.

I'm also still in evaluation hell.
As in writing them.
Like 7 pages and a narrative for each kid.

I have been working on them when I in, when I have a functional laptop.

Closer to done than not done at this point.

And, I'd soooo rather be sewing.
I did take a break today to bellydance.  So, so glorious.

I will try to put up pics.  I have a ton to upload and post.  Tomorrow.

Right now, I still have to make the bed and deal with a diva dog who will be pouty that he can't be a bed dog because he needs a bath and a shearing.

Infinity scarf
Orbit quilt
Heal quilt (and mailed!)

Further along:
Scrappy's currently a mere 48" square.  Should I make it a baby quilt and wait for someone I know to have a girl, or should I add borders and make it a throw?  Help me out.  I'm stuck on that one and need to finish it up.

Also, if I can hit 200 peeps, I have a giveaway to do.

Happy Mother's Day, y'all!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Official May Goal

For the Year of Lovely Finishes, my May goal is to finish the Heal Circle's do.good.stitches quilt.

I really have no excuse for not having it done, other than some of my mojo seemingly evaporating post Stash Bash.

Heal Circle quilt

It's on my to do list.  I have two quilts to baste tomorrow.  Going to start quilting it then.

I started working on my clutches.  I have the linings cut and sewn.  I'm working on the embellishments of the outsides today.  I want to wait until it's not wet to do the gluing, so I can do it in the open air.
Anyone ever Scotchguarded bags before?  Does it screw up the metal if you do it at the end?

Wedding update:

This one sucketh.  Hard.  I was testing a new lipstick for the wedding.  It had aloe in it.  I thought it would, at the worst, make my lips peel.  Uh.  No.  It sparked a rash on my upper lip that made it feel like it was on fire.  (The one time I ever got my brows waxed, it felt like this.)  Ow.  I got lucky that the PA at the derm fit me in today.  Steroid creme for a 5 days.  Ow.  So, my perfect red wasn't so perfect.  Blarg.