Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Quarter Four, 2013...FAL results!

So, it was a pretty sweet quarter.  I didn't get it all done.  Frankly, it would have been insane to expect me to do so.  My list had 32 items on it.  Most of them were quilts.  Add to that pattern testing for Lynne, having to add in a couple of baby quilts for gifts and a quilt for my Aunt that I forgot I was supposed to make.  Oops.  Oh, and I started some knitting again.

Here's my final progress report:

Bess Top
1.  Bess Top--Done!
It needs to get into my regular wardrobe rotation.  The weather went from super hot to really cold.  I need to find a non-hoody to wear for warmth.  I look pretty raggedy lately.  I love the Bess tops.  Going to have to make some new ones in the spring.

Divided Basket
2.  Divided Basket for me--Done!
Oh my.  How did I ever live without one of these?!  It now holds all my sewing supply items.  My husband will attest there is a lot less frantic hunting for scissors, etc.  Not that I didn't somehow manage to lose a Hera marker somewhere in the house.  Ahem.

Penny Sampler done!
3.  Penny Sampler--Done!
I even made my Dec 15 deadline for this one.  It's hand quilted.  (I still don't know how to FMQ at any level worthy of a quilt that took this long to piece.)  I used some of my Salt Water stash on this one.  (That and Prince Charming are still two of my all time favorite lines.)  It still needs to be washed, but it hasn't gotten its rotation time into the laundry cycle.  I love this one so much.  On top of that, I learned so much in the process.  I'm a devotee to Rachel's classes.  I've still got one project from that class that will be on 2014 list to make.

Sisters 10
4.  Sisters 10 BOM--Done!
For the longest time, I denied my love of pink and chartreuse.  Apparently it keeps popping up even when I reject it.  I had a really awesome time with the Generation X BOM.

Wellspring quilt
5.  Wellspring quilt--Done!
This one helped fulfill my desire to make a St. Louis 16 patch and to make a quilt for Wellspring, an organization that helps young women taken out of the sex trade.

Postage #1
6.  Postage Stamp #1--Done!
I sent this one along with the Heal Circle quilt to be delivered to Hospice.  Loved seeing the pictures of this one being delivered.

Postage #2
7.  Postage Stamp #2--Done!
This one got sent to Hospice as well.  I think I reached my goal for quilts for others this year.  Going to have to set new goals for 2014.

Wonky Star quilt
8.  Wonky Star--Done and gifted to Michael's new baby!
I love wonky stars.  I used up some dear Stella given to me back in 2012 at Sewing Summit.  It made a great boy quilt.

9.  Hexy MF--hrm..Let's call this one a work in progress still.  I got the top all sewn up.  I have the fabric for the back but haven't pieced it yet.  Also, still need a long-armer for this one.  Have a couple of possibilities but now have to consult my budget.  This one is rolling over to 2014.

space quilt
10.  Space quilt--Done and gifted to Max!
This one was a collaboration.  I inherited the rocket block from Katy.  I knew it was going to be made into some gift item for my BFF's baby, but I wasn't sure what or how.  I settled on an more improv-ed baby quilt and had a fun time making it.  Then I wasn't sure how to quilt it, given my crapacious FMQ.  Then I loved the quilting and went to wash it.  Much drama ensued.   I finally got the bleeding on navy down enough that I think no one but me will see it.  Up side, multiple washing made it extra soft and lovey.  Mama loved it.

11.  Retro Rubies--Stalled.
I just ran out of time.  I'm thinking this will morph into a baby quilt because I think some of my Malka got used up on another project.  Moving this one to 2014.

12.  Converging corners quilt--Stalled.
Yeah.  This one will be at the biggest a baby quilt.  I kind of realized I'm not a huge fan on this one.  Not sure why.  I think it will be really cute baby quilt.  It's just not singing to me right now.  I'll move it to 2014.  If progress isn't made by mid year, it's getting given away for someone else to work on.

NY Beauty Bag
13.  NY Beauty Orphan--Done!
I made this one into a gift bag.  It was a smaller block.  My dad always gets given DVDs by my brother and me.  I used this one for wrapping.

14.  Churn Dash Bag--POSSIBLE FINISH
I have the pieces cut out.  Trying to finish this one before 2014.

Pixie Churn Dash
15.  Churn Dash Quilt--Done!
I originally thought I was gifting this one to a colleague, but she's a tad more traditional than this one ended up being.  Her daughter got a pink quilt instead.

Meridian #1
16.  Meridian #1--Done!
This is going to be one of my go to travel sweaters and definitely will be making the rounds in my winter classroom rotation.

17.  Meridian #2--POSSIBLE FINISH
I need to work on matching stripes.  In the abstract, I get it, but my efforts don't seem to work out when I try to do it.  Again, loving the additions into my wardrobe.

18.  Hexy Diamond quilt--IN PROGRESS.  This is my go to hand work project right now.  I have to decide how big it's going to be.  I'm working through a stack of charms that doesn't seem to be getting any smaller.

19.  Marcelle Medallion--Stalled.  I only got as far as the triangles and stalled out.  Not sure why.  I love my choices.  I have a ton of stash pulled.  Definitely moving this one to the toppish part of the stack for 2014.

Improv Malka front
20.  Improv Malka--Done!
I definitely need to have more improv in my life.  It made me happy to make this one.  I need to make a regular date with my scraps to sew bits up.

Heal circle quilt
21.  Heal Circle quilt--Done and delivered!
I cannot begin to tell you how much my life is improved by being in this circle.  It has given me lovely women (love you Nicke) to be in contact with and a reminder to put the small things into check and be grateful in the moment.

22.  Mad's quilt--In Progress--
It doesn't have to be delivered until she graduates in May.  I have a design idea for this one, but I need to do a bunch of math to figure out how much background fabric I need.  (It's going to be one of the few purchases I'm allowing for 2014.)

Pouch for Mom
23.  Pouch for Bama--Done and delivered!
I loved putting goodies for my friends in these.

Pouch for Trollop
24.  Pouch for Trollop--Done and delivered!
I need to find smaller scale pin up fabrics.

Pouch for G
25.  Pouch for G--Done and delivered!
This one was for my husband best woman from our wedding.  I love her.  Wish she lived closer.

pouch for mom
26.  Pouch for mom--Done and delivering at Xmas
I did this in lieu of a stocking for mom this year.  I stuffed it full of goodies.  She's hard to shop for, but she likes things she can use.

Pouch for Karen
27.  Pouch for Karen--Done and delivered
I call her my brother's wife even though they aren't married.

Secret #2
28.  Secret gift (reveal:  Pouch for Nicke)--done and delivered
Tee hee.  I kept a secret!

Secret #1
29.  Secret gift #2 (reveal: Pouch for Lisa)--done and delivered
Ha!  Kept another one!  Can't wait to see you in the spring!

travel case redo
30.  Train Case makeover--done!
It's going to be my new hand sewing kit carrying deal-amajig for 2014.  I've got some hand sewing projects on tap.

Octo pillow
31.  Octopus pillow--Done!
I'm ridiculously happy with this one.  Yes, I fluffed the cutting and had to do more piecing than it had called for, but Allegory helped me with my "I'm to tired to do the math over" sleep deprivedness.  Now my octopi face up with the band on the right side.  It will match my Penny Sampler!

32.  Sidekick bag--POSSIBLE finish
I need a bag.  It needs to be purple and orange.  I have the pieces.  Just haven't had time.

Finished total:
3 possible additional finishes...highest possible total 26/32

ALYOF. Dec edition

I had set my Dec goal here to work on my Penny Sampler quilt.

I made the decision to hand quilt it because my FMQ skills still suck.
(Hello, goal for 2014.)

Anywho, I did it.  It was harder than I thought it would be.  I get frustrated with how slowly I hand sew.  Probably yet another reason why I should be doing it more....to get practice being patient.  (Yup.  Not my strength.)

I love it.  I haven't washed it yet.  I had another issue with a fabric bleed on the quilt I made for my aunt for Christmas.

This is the quilt that had the bleed.  I think it was the purply blue that ran:

Quilt for Aunt

Quilt for Aunt, back

I'm a bit scared to wash my Penny Sampler, as the blues I've used lately have seemed to be a source of problems.  (Gah.  I pray I haven't jinxed myself.)

Here it is in all its unwashed glory:

Penny Sampler done!

Penny Sampler

Penny Sampler

Penny Sampler

Now, to work on the lists for 2014!