Thursday, October 4, 2012

4th quarter FAL list.

I'll be linking up when the link goes live for 

2012 Finish-A-Long

This is my fourth quarter list.  I realistically don't expect to get it all done, but I want the list in one place....

In no particular order:
1.  Hexy MF (currently stalled out)

Hexy MF, left side

2.  pouch for Sewing Summit swap  (Deadline:Sewing Summit)

start of pouch

3.  pouch #1 and #2 for me for Sewing Summit (project bags)  (Deadline:  Sewing Summit)

orphans for pouches
4.  Travel tool case for Sewing Summit  (Deadline:  Sewing Summit)

travel case for Sewing Summit

5.  Finish green skirt embellishment and hemming  (deadline Christmas)

green skirt

6.  Tula skirt  (Deadline:Sewing summit)

Tula skirt

7.  Spider skirt  (deadline: Sewing Summit)

spider skirt

8.  Paper pieced cushion for the Travellin' Pic

travellin pic EPP

9.  quilt for my aunt  (My aunt asked for a quilt like my dad's last Xmas.  I haven't gotten far, as you can see.)

quilt for Aunt S.

10.  Converging Corners quilt  (haven't touched this in a while, but I have a pregnant friend who needs a quilt by Thanksgiving.  Deadline set.

Converging start

11.  quilt Sew Intertwined

Sew Intertwined Top

12.  Quilt Mod Pop
Testing, testing, testing

13.  How Far will you go quilt  (deadline:  right after Christmas)  (I'm behind 6 blocks, but I want to get the quilt done in time for the New Year.  I LOVE this one.)

Another Star, How Far Wil You Go QAL

14.  Mouthy Stitches swap  (deadline:  October, right after sewing summit)

Mouthy Stitches pull...

15.  Heal Circle Improv quilt  (Deadline:  Oct.)

do.good august
(These are Nicke's blocks from xxquilt)

16.  Malka quilt  (I have blocks from my bee month)

Malka quilt block

17.  journal covers  (deadline:  Christmas)  I'm going to use these as a scrap buster.  I have too many scraps, and I need some stocking stuffers.

journal stuff

18.  Knit Cowl  (deadline:  Sewing Summit)

knit cowl

19.  Weekender bag?  (All the bits have been sitting for MONTHS)  (deadline:  in theory, Sewing Summit)
(I may make this version #2 and go for a quilt as you go variant)


20.  Scrap Vomit  (I'm tired of just petting the pieces)

scrap vomit supplies

21.  coin frame purses  (I'm waiting for frames)  (Deadline: Christmas)

frame purse #1frame purse #2frame purse #2frame purse #4

22.  Stockings


23.  superhero EPP  (deadline:  Christmas)

Superhero EPP cushion

Add to all this Sewing Summit projects, a whole bunch of blocks for the 4x5, the boo bee, Running with Scissors bee, the Heal Circle and others...