Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival...

So I'm making it a little under the wire.

I put off of posting my quilt because I actually had another quilt in mind, but I couldn't get it done in time.

Here's the one I picked.  I dug into my beloved stash of Parisville to make this one.  I really really love it.  Over the summer, I took Rachel's Handstitched class over at Stitched in Color.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not an uber patient person.
I like things to be done...and hand quilting takes a lot of patience.  This was, in fact, the first (but not the last) quilt that combined both hand quilting and embroidery.  It wasn't fast, but I'm really happy with the results.

Parisville quilt

I did my first EPP and embroidery on a quilt:

paper piecing bits

Lots and lots of hand quilting with perle:

close up

Even some applique!

I felt like I had a huge learning curve on this one....but I have major quilty love...and I hope, more patience?  Well, maybe not.  But I'd do it again....and this one is all mine.

Tula quilt

Blogger’s Quilt Festival Stats
Finished quilt measures : 60″x 60″
Special techniques used : paper piecing, applique, hand quilting
Quilted by : me
Best Category : throw quilt, hand quilted quilt

Amy's Creative Side

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Catching up on How Far Will You Go QAL...

Not much to post today.  I've not been sewing on the regular.
I think I'm fighting a cold and some general blues.
MRI tomorrow.
Just discovered a bird? has punched holes in the stucco on my house, which I'm going to have to deal with tomorrow as well.

I've been working a bit on my Travelin' Pics, but not enough to show anything here yet.

I tried to catch up on my do.good quilt, but I couldn't pin baste, so the top hasn't been assembled yet.  (This weekend even moving to layout the top wasn't going to happen.)

Instead, I tried to catch up on my QAL blocks.  I was, I think, 14 blocks behind.  I'm still a week behind, but almost there...

HFWYG QAL, Clay's choice< /a> HFWYG QAL, SeeSaw blocks HFWYG QAL, Tippencanoe blocks HFWYG QAL, Dutch Rose HFWYG QAL, Tasselflower

The last block isn't the right size, so it's getting a green frame. (Stupid printer apparently likes to resize things.)

 Anywho...that's pretty much it. I'm hand sewing this week, just nothing I can show yet.

oh, and here's the bag I made for Mouthy Stitches:

Mouthy Stitches, front

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sewing Summit recap...

Okay.  Let me start with the fact that I'm still processing this, that I still have epic loads of swag, projects and purchases in bags and/or piles in my Sewing Room and various locations around the house.  (Ugh.  Which reminds me how much I need to clean....ignoring ignoring.)

Just as a quick knee update.  My MRI is slated for Wed.  Thank you, Allegory, for making my day brighter with coffee yesterday.

Okay (what is with me and saying ok today?), let me start off by saying I have never before been to Salt Lake City, UT.  It's a weird mix of flat and mountains.  Next time, I really want to explore more.  I, honestly, pretty much stuck to the hotel save for a meal or two and the mixer Friday night. My leg wasn't making me feel uber-explory and the time change wore me out more than I anticipated.

Words of advice to East Coasters that go/General Words of advice:
*BRING LOTS OF SNACKS.   I kept crapping out because I let my blood sugar get too low relative to when I normally eat, which reduced me to unfocused ADD/rambling idiot phase, rendering me useless in terms of absorbing some of the gems thrown at me.  (Hint:  Schedule the classes you REALLY need to pay attention for in the period right after breakfast or right after lunch.)
*Bring an extra suitcase.  Seriously, the quantity of swag was insane.  I had to check my carryon and was only able to drag everything back because of the Mood bag we were given, which I think I could fit our Cocker Spaniel and the cat into.
*Caffeinate.  I think I was quieter at times and less social than I could have been.  I ran the gamut from introvert to extrovert (more introvert when I am tired or feeling overwhelmed) and I didn't say hi to a few people I really wanted to because I was overwhelmed.  It's A LOT of people.  I kind of felt like a dork at times and bounced into wall flower mode....which meant I missed out on some cool hang out times.
*Get a roommate.  I didn't.  Which felt, at times, kind of lonely.  I forget that I live with someone and have animals, so I'm used to company.
*Let go of finishing things.  Most of the classes I was in weren't long enough to actually finish some of the projects.  Which resulted me in going all OCD and panicking/rushing.  Which generally meant I screwed stuff up.  I'm going to have to take apart the Ship Shape Tote and redo a handle.  I sliced a piece of fabric off a foundation paper piecing star segment...and didn't bring extra fabric.

Enough advice.

There were super cool folks there.  Some were people whose blogs I've followed or folks I'd emailed/chatted with before...and some of the people I had the best conversations with there were just random folks I met up with at the airport or sat down next to on the Shop Hop.  Unfortunately, because of my aforementioned geeky lameness, I don't have pictures of many of them...or many pictures period.
Here's what I have:

The shop hop had a cool Halloween village at the 2nd shop we stopped at: pumpkin village

Utah's flat, flat, then mountains was trippy:

Salt Lake bus ride

Partial Swag just from checking in:


Some purchases:

shop hop purchases

Some (this is only some) of the stuff I won/was gifted:

shop hop swag

Dinner with peeps (esp Lisaleh!):

dinner Thurs.

Hanging out with Karen (capitolaquilter) and Nydia (the ADD-Crafter)
  Karen, me, Nydia

me (blinking) with Rachael of Imaginegnats:

Rachael of imaginegnats!

Hanging out at the Mixer:

Katy, Danny, Erika, Cindy and Allegory

Joel Dewberry and Heather (Fiberosity):

Joel and Heather (fiberosity)

Laura (quokkaquilts), Katy (thelittlestthistle), and me

Katy, Laura, and me

More stuff that came out of my clown car like carryon bag:

partial swag

An informal embroidery class from Rachael (I want a flat Rachael to carry with me around town).
That's not being a stalker, people, that's being a fangirl.


Evidence I cannot sew in a straight line when I am tired:
embroidery with Rachael

The shipshape tote I finished (but have to take apart to sew it correctly):

shipshape tote

My frame purse, which I did finish in Kelly's class:

frame purseframe purse

Yes, I will shake my ass for Anna Maria Horner.  Tula, too, if you have it.

Anna Maria Horner flannel

That's it......I wish I had a photo of everyone I met, Karen's bag (which was gorgeous in a block she designed), other people's projects, Darcy (who shared a serger with me), the fireside chats, the setting....I don't think I'll be able to go next year (wedding bills, y'all), but I'm glad I got to go at least once...

I promise to try to return to my crafty, overachiever self once I get over my knee anxiety.

Monday, October 15, 2012

My Sewing Summit post postponed...

Today hasn't been a great day.
Some of y'all know since you've been picking me up online.

I went to the orthopedic for a sore knee.  It's been bothering me for a while, but I assumed it was a muscle issue.
Instead, I have to get an MRI because the doc thinks I may have torn the miniscis.  (not even sure how to spell it.)

That would mean likely surgery.  Which I really (still) don't want to have to deal with.
But, it is what it is.
I'll know after the MRI.

So, I'm sorry there aren't any pics and that I'm a tad of a Debbie Downer today.
Thanks to all y'all that sent me love when I needed it today.

Sewing Summit post coming when I can be in the mindset to enjoy it more.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Home from Sewing Summit...

So tired.  So missing so many amazing people.
I didn't take hardly any pictures.  (I felt like a dork asking for pics all the time.)
So, I'll share what I have tomorrow, but just know that are tons of you I wish I had gotten pics with that I didn't.
So many ideas.
....and I have work tomorrow and an appointment to get advice on my right knee (and clearance to Zumba on Wed).

Home is great.  But I wish some of you lived closer.  :(

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Prepped for the Summit!

Today, in general, was sucko.

Started my morn off by hitting my head on a rafter in my classroom.  Hit it hard enough to see stars.
Computer wouldn't start.  It spent the day in time out in the Tech office.  They got it to start, but no one can figure out why it was not starting for me.
Had our class pizza sale.  Ran out of pizza.  Crazy OMG call into Papa John's to ensure kids got fed.
Made the run to the dentist.  Yes, it's a cavity.  No, it couldn't get fixed today.
Going in next week.  Gonna live on Tylenol when it gets hurty and no gummies for me.

Finished last minute projects for Sewing Summit.  (No, I didn't finish them all)

1.  Green skirt done.  I, um, lost the directions, so I kinda winged /wung? it.  How can you go wrong if you put a frog on it?!

Tula skirt

2.  Pouch for me.
pouch for sewing summit

3.  Pouch for swap.

sewing summit swap pouch

4.  Working pouch/sewing travel kit.  (MOAR FROGS)

Tula, work pouch Tula, sewing work pouch

5.  Mostly done packing...I hope.  I have a list for stuff that needs to go in the bag tomorrow.

6.  Printed my boarding pass.  Eep.  So excited.  So nervous.  Twill probably be hivey from flying.  Blarg.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Holy crap, y'all...2 days away.

I've got less than 48 hrs to my flight to Sewing Summit.
Here's the list of what I have to get finished:
1.  Pouch for swap.
2.  green skirt.  (I think the spider one will wait til I get back) far it's sewn but not hemmed or prettified.  I, um, lost the directions so I kind of made it up as I went.
3.  Packing!!!  I have a list.
4.  Prep last bits of hand work.


Blocks I did this weekend:

Neutral and Not

Neutral and Not
Running with Scissors
running with scissors, Oct

Heal Circle for nicke
  Heal Circle, Oct blocks for nicke
 I apparently forget to take the Boo bee pics before I sealed it. Doh.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Motivation, where art thou?

I had a HUMONGOUS list of things to do this weekend.

I had planned on going to the Maker's Fair on Saturday.

Here's what happened instead:

I forgot about a Quilt Guild meeting.  DOh.
I got a migraine complete with chevron floaters.  This was the first one I've had in a long time that I actually thought I'd throw up with....and it was the second one this week.  Argh.
I got partially packed for Sewing Summit.
(I have one last fabric run to make for one hand sewing project.)
I ripped apart the green skirt to make a smaller version.

I planned on finishing the green skirt.  And...I didn't.
I finished all the prep for Sewing Summit (except for the one thing that requires a fabric purchase).
I sewed some bee blocks.
Neutral and Not bee.
Heal Circle for nicke.
Running with Scissors bee.
Boo bee blocks.

Um..I'd post pics, but I can't find my card reader.

I planned on pimping my ipad.  OS6 is taking forever to load.

I think I may have damaged a filling/gotten a cavity.
Hoping I can get it checked before Sewing Summit.

Oh.  And I painted my nails silver.  I may or may not be making occasional jazz hands to entertain myself.  The Pirate says it's the epitome of "oooo shiny."

I gave up on the weekender.  At least for this deadline.

At this point, I'm hoping to finish the green skirt and call it a win.
I did finish my pouch for the swap at the Summit.

Can't win them all...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

4th quarter FAL list.

I'll be linking up when the link goes live for 

2012 Finish-A-Long

This is my fourth quarter list.  I realistically don't expect to get it all done, but I want the list in one place....

In no particular order:
1.  Hexy MF (currently stalled out)

Hexy MF, left side

2.  pouch for Sewing Summit swap  (Deadline:Sewing Summit)

start of pouch

3.  pouch #1 and #2 for me for Sewing Summit (project bags)  (Deadline:  Sewing Summit)

orphans for pouches
4.  Travel tool case for Sewing Summit  (Deadline:  Sewing Summit)

travel case for Sewing Summit

5.  Finish green skirt embellishment and hemming  (deadline Christmas)

green skirt

6.  Tula skirt  (Deadline:Sewing summit)

Tula skirt

7.  Spider skirt  (deadline: Sewing Summit)

spider skirt

8.  Paper pieced cushion for the Travellin' Pic

travellin pic EPP

9.  quilt for my aunt  (My aunt asked for a quilt like my dad's last Xmas.  I haven't gotten far, as you can see.)

quilt for Aunt S.

10.  Converging Corners quilt  (haven't touched this in a while, but I have a pregnant friend who needs a quilt by Thanksgiving.  Deadline set.

Converging start

11.  quilt Sew Intertwined

Sew Intertwined Top

12.  Quilt Mod Pop
Testing, testing, testing

13.  How Far will you go quilt  (deadline:  right after Christmas)  (I'm behind 6 blocks, but I want to get the quilt done in time for the New Year.  I LOVE this one.)

Another Star, How Far Wil You Go QAL

14.  Mouthy Stitches swap  (deadline:  October, right after sewing summit)

Mouthy Stitches pull...

15.  Heal Circle Improv quilt  (Deadline:  Oct.)

do.good august
(These are Nicke's blocks from xxquilt)

16.  Malka quilt  (I have blocks from my bee month)

Malka quilt block

17.  journal covers  (deadline:  Christmas)  I'm going to use these as a scrap buster.  I have too many scraps, and I need some stocking stuffers.

journal stuff

18.  Knit Cowl  (deadline:  Sewing Summit)

knit cowl

19.  Weekender bag?  (All the bits have been sitting for MONTHS)  (deadline:  in theory, Sewing Summit)
(I may make this version #2 and go for a quilt as you go variant)


20.  Scrap Vomit  (I'm tired of just petting the pieces)

scrap vomit supplies

21.  coin frame purses  (I'm waiting for frames)  (Deadline: Christmas)

frame purse #1frame purse #2frame purse #2frame purse #4

22.  Stockings


23.  superhero EPP  (deadline:  Christmas)

Superhero EPP cushion

Add to all this Sewing Summit projects, a whole bunch of blocks for the 4x5, the boo bee, Running with Scissors bee, the Heal Circle and others...