Thursday, January 29, 2015

First Finishes of 2015 and Jan ALYOF goal met!

I'm a ball of nervous energy.

It happens every year.  Around class play time.

I am an evil combo of exhausted and needing to make make make.

It doesn't help that I haven't been eating right since the first cold hit last year.  My weight has creeped up again, and my knees are bother me.  Time to reboot that weight loss because I have a physical coming up in the spring.

Anyway, when I have had enough attention to make things, I just want to keep going.

I've knitted one brickless shawl:

pics coming soon

And a second (it's even blocked!):

brickless #2

Finished my first pair of socks for 2015, the Hornet sock by Heather Walker:

Hornet socks blocked

Sewed three batches of knitting bags:
Batch one (my Jan ALYOF goal):

knitting bags, set 1

Batch two:

knitting bags, set 3
Batch three:

knitting bags, set 2
Wound a crap load of skeins.  (Each bag has a skein in it.)

Make a set of pillow cases:

pillow cases, set #1

and another:

pillowcases, set #2

They have met the nerdy level necessary for our house.  The Pirate (hubs) approves.

I started Scrap Monster 1. Sadly almost have a top and  my scrap bin looks untouched.

Here's one of my items for the #bitchesgetstitches swap.  I had fun on a shopping spree for extras before I mailed it out.

#bitchesgetstitches swap

Oh, and I painted three flats worth of set....3 of 3 feet each...and some extra because I'm worried I cut one flat too small.

I've also got a top done that I'm pattern testing for a friend.  Haven't taken pictures of that one yet.

This weekend, I have to program a light board, assemble the three towers, decorate a throne, decorate a gingerbread man's head, and cut up a ghost costume.  Oh, and copy  the program.  Geesh.
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