Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Madness...

Whelp, I spent like 4 hours back in my classroom, ripping old fabric off the walls..admiring the new cushions on our sofas, pulling out staples, moving the new cubbies around. My co was painting.
Tomorrow is another painting day...we anticipate at least 2 more days of sporadic painting.
I am itching to organize folders and packets of stuff we hand out to kids on the first day.

The classroom is all shiny and fab.

*cough* unlike the house.

I didn't get much sewing done this weekend. I *still* have to label up and pack my swap to mail out Wed.
I finished my Sew Bee Blissful blocks for Jenna:
Sew Bee Blissful, Aug block #2
Sew Bee Blissful, Aug block #1

I hope she likes them.

I went to a bellydance show with friends (those who were dancing and those I ate with). It was fun. I got to dance with the August birthday folk.

I have a project in the works. If I can get the button and link done, I'll be posting it and the details this week.