Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Not being lazy just trying to catch a groove....

It's the second week back at school.  Still in whirlwind mode.
It took a while to sort out my math class.  (I teach the JH level math for elementary kids...so I get kids from all 6th grades.)
I think *knock on wood* that it will be sorted by Tuesday, including the WHERE I teach bit.  (My normal building is being renovated.)
Let me just say that so far I'm totally digging my students.  Incredibly sweet bunch.

Today I started my knitting afterschool.  I may die from the cuteness.  I have a 1st and a 3rd or 4th grader.  So tiny.  AND HILARIOUS.
They have to "catch the bump" when they're making a new stitch and then drop the old stitch.

Somehow it morphed into "Kicking the old man off" the mountain or cliff  or hill (aka needle).
Then followed by sound effects.  I laughed so hard, I almost was late dropping them off.  (Couldn't believe an hour had passed.)  Also, they're awesome at knitting.  No dropped stitches or panic moments, even with slippery metal needles.

I'm working on the Dogwood quilt from Stitched in Color.  I've got 12 out of 20 blocks done, but I got marker (?) on one petal and have to remake it....cross your fingers, as I have one 6in square of that Notting Hill fabric left.  But still....

Also, sadness....my string quilt is done but already in need of repairs.  I tied it.  Not sure I'll try that again.  Plus, I used Hancock's batting.  Um...it shredded.  as in there are spots now with no batting and other spots with lumps.  Blarg.  Good thing it was going to be a dog or a car quilt.  Two string seams popped.   (I had some tension issues on my crappo machine (the Brother from Walmart).)
Ah, well.  I'll have the finish and pics of the somewhat disappointing quilt up, may be tomorrow.