Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May...A Year of Lovely Finishes!

I haven't been sewing that much lately.

Instead, I've been writing grades...and making ribbon wands.

A Lovely Year of Finishes
I did finish my May Year of Lovely Finishes goal.

I had to finish my Heal Circle's (do.good.stitches) quilt.  I put the top together at the Stash Bash, but then stalled out.
I *did* get it done this month!

I think it's been delivered to hospice by now.

Heal quilt

Other things I've been up to:

I made my bridesmaids' gifts (and a birthday gift).  I want to Scotchguard them, but I'm terrified of ruining them.  Any advice?  Do I need to tape off the frames?  Will it shrink linen?  Ack.

bridesmaids bags

Then there are the aforementioned ribbon wands.  I'm still not done with all of them.

ribbon wands

Oh, and hankies to go in the purses:


In other news, my car was a paperweight yesterday.  I was supposed to be a driver for our class's end of the year Pool Party, but I loaded up the car, and it wouldn't start.  I should mention that it's a hybrid, with a newish 12v battery.  It went into the shop today (as I could get it started) and no one can explain why it wouldn't start yesterday.  On the up side, it started...and the garage I take it to is so awesome that they refused to charge me anything even after they ran some diagnostics.

On the down side, I'm tired...and uber sunburnt from the Pool Party.

On another upside, I have new glasses.  Red ones.  To replace the ones the potato gun etched.

Oh, projects/FAL items I never posted:

my I love the 80s swap make:
I Love the 80s swap

Finished infinity scarf!
Infinity Scarf

I think that is all....I will leave you with uber cuteness:

sock monster