Sunday, April 7, 2013

Just got back..

last night.
It was an almost four day fest of wedding planning.

Here's what was accomplished:
Dress marked for alterations (I may lose weight and not gain any.)
Shoes chosen.
Wedding cake ordered.
Menu planned at reception venue.
Schedule set for ceremony venue.
Rehearsal times set and rehearsal dinner time set.
Hair cut (and styles discussed with the stylist doing my wedding hair).
Paper flowers ordered for venue.  (As the ceremony is in a gallery, no live flowers for that bit.)
Final invite list set.
Future inlaws booked on airplane.

Still has to be done:
invites printed and sent.
guys still have to get suits.

I also got to see two gallery exhibits, eat chocolate almond frozen custard, and buy some really stay put red lipstick.  (I still have a mark two days later from where I made the test streak on my hand...and yes, I've washed them ALOT.)

I also packed/cut up projects for Stash Bash.  Anyone got a good idea how many I should bring?  Or any MUST PACKS I just can't forget?

I am now completely caught up on the Sisters 10 Modern BOM.
Holy crap, y'all.  I have NEVER used my seam ripper as much as these two blocks demanded.  I know now why I never do HST borders that require specific orientations.
No pics right now.  I'm going to pass out.  Spring break is officially over....