Monday, January 30, 2012

Not a ton to report today...

The Pirate came into school with me (on his day off!) to help me assemble the three big boxes (think a fabric coated box kite like design) for my class play. Today was the first day in the theatre. Tomorrow, I meet with the man who manages the theatre to get a refresher on the light board and start programming it.

In sewing news, I've started working on my pouch for my Mouthy Stitches partner.
I test drove the boxy pattern I'm using.
Here's mine. (I think these would be really fun stash busters...I'm plotting these for Xmas this year.)

boxy trial

boxy trial

This one reminds me of a sushi roll!

Anywho, my car is in the shop. (AC making a weird cards in a bike wheel noise) I'm hoping it will be an easy (and cheap) fix.

Here is some animal cuteness:
dog and cat

He was snoring and she gave him the stink eye.
quilt cat!

Also, it doesn't seem to matter which quilt I keep on the sofa. The Kraken has decided THEY ARE ALL HERS!!!