Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

aka non-Turkey Day for me.
The Pirate made some super yummy dishes (including a roast chicken since I'm allergic to turkey), and I made an apple pie to bring to a friend's house for Thanksgiving.
It was lovely.

Here are the pictures I promised.

Three Stockings for Kids stockings:
Stockings for Kids
Stockings for kids
Stockings for kids
I'll be mailing them out tomorrow.

A Wrenly quilt for the Pirate's BFF.
It just needs binding.
That's on tap for tomorrow.
Wrenly quilt

As is my mom's quilt.
I've cut a ton of squares. I'll be sorting them before bed. Maybe.

I still have to cut out pieces for 2 241 bags.
I still have a New Bee block to sew.
I still haven't found my quilting foot.
I may try it tomorrow...I'm afraid of wonky where it's not intended. were the two other pouches:

It's been a yummy and productive day!