Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dad's quilt...

My dad loves color. He's got an eye for it, as does my mom.
How does that translate?
They collect art, and, art collections aside, their home is fabulous.
Right now, mine is just a mess.

But since the quilting bug bit hard this summer, I thought about making dad a quilt, a sofa sized one to curl up with.
See, he likes to nap on the sofa, usually sitting up.
But he claims he's just "resting his eyes."

I asked him what his favorite colors were to look at.
Interestingly enough, he picked my favorites: reds and purples.
I decided on some batiks and tried to decide what else to add to the mix.
It came down to a rich, fall palette....golds, reds, burgundies, and purples.
My favorites.
close up of back
Dad's quilt, close up
I'm going to have a hard time parting with this one.
dad's quilt
back of dad's quilt

It also seemed a fitting submission to Celebrate Color over at Stitched In Color.
Celebrate Color
Wish me luck. Dad's gonna love it regardless.