Friday, November 11, 2011

and we have a winner.....

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(I haven't learned how to do a screen shot, so an attempt at cut and paste was all I could do..)

#11 is Kathy from Kathy's Quilting Blog!!!!

Kathy, an email from me should be wending your way shortly, but email me if you see this first!

no finishes today.

I'm worn out.
I have plans to sew tomorrow.
Right now I just slept for 2 hours.
I'm trying to stay off my foot.
See, the dentist was a breeze. No need for work.
Last night, the rehearsal was going well. I was tired, but we had worked out makeup and hair.
Then on the last run through...I think I dislocated and relocated by little toe on my left foot.
It hurt like nothing I've ever done. I felt it pop out of place and back in. (I think I got caught on a mat seam.) It immediately started turning red. I wanted to cry, but I also wanted to go home.
I iced it last night. It's kind of purple..not black purple, but bruisey.
It's taped to the toe next to it.

Not much I can do. Stay off it. I have to dance in a show on Sunday.
Pain sucketh.
I didn't sleep enough or well last night because it hurt.
So...I'm going to try to sew tomorrow.
I have plans to get a bunch of blocks done and mailed by Sun.
I'm just trying to keep my left foot in the air right now.

And, frankly, I'm still feeling stupid for having done it in the first place.
If you haven't entered the giveaway yet, please do! I'll close it off at 9 today.