Friday, October 4, 2013

4th quarter FAL's EPIC.

Okay, so I'm living large in the world of lists.  In that regard, I'm a legend in my own head.

My sewing room is like a Tardis.  It's bigger on the inside.  Seriously, I come from a line of stuffers/hoarders.  I have an insane amount of projects...and supplies.  I need to get a handle on that this year.  Or sew faster.  One of the two.

So, anyway, here's the list:

1.  Bess top.  I cut it for the Selfish Sewing week, which turned out to be the week from hell.  So, it didn't get finished because I ran out of bias tape.  It will.  Early on.  In time for cooler weather so I can wear it.
Bess Top

2.  Divided basket for me.  Ditto on the Selfish Sewing week original plan.  Cut following the making of a basket for a BFF having a babe.  Never finished it.
Divided Basket for me!

3.  Penny Sampler Quilt.  I'm still on track to finish this one before Christmas.
Penny Sampler so far!

4.  Sisters 10 Modern BOM quilt.  One more block to be released and then I can finish the top and quilt it!
Sisters 10, May blocks

5.  Wellspring quilt.  I made one for the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild donation to the house.  I needed to get batting from the Guild to finish it.  On tap for the Oct meeting.
Wellspring Quilt top

6.  Postage Stamp Top #1.  Made when I cleaned out my scrap bin.
Postage Stamp #1

7.  Postage Stamp Top #2.  Made after #1 when I realized my scrap bin apparently is also like a Tardis.
Postage Stamp #2

8.  Wonky Star Quilt.  I have a baby this one needs to be I need to get inspired.
wonky star baby quilt

9.  Hexy MF.  Seriously, this one needs to be done.  And sent away to come back and be bound.
Hexy MF

10.  Space quilt.  I have to get this one done for the aforementioned mama of the babe that is coming for whom I made the divided basket.  I inherited a block from Katy at The Littlest Thistle.  It is so so perfect, as her nursery themes involve robots and rockets.
Rocket from Katy

11.  Retro Rubies...will only get done if I'm in the mood for curves.  Who knows?!
retro rubies, still in pieces

12.  Converging Corners.  It either gets done this session or it finds a new home.
Converging start

13.  NY Beauty Orphan Block project
orpan block

14.  Bag out of 2 churn dash orphan blocks.
Extra Churns

15.  Churn Dash quilt..Started during The Penny Sampler class.
Churn Dash quilt

16.  Meridian Cardi #1

17.  Meridian Cardi #2

18.  Hexy Diamond quilt.  Realistically, this is not going to get done as it's my long term hand sewing project.  I'm just including it to get it on the master list.
Hexy diamonds

19.  Marcelle Medallion quilt.  I petered out before the Flying Geese section.  Need to make this one happen.
Marcelle progress

20.  Improv Malka quilt
Improv top

21.  Heal Circle Quilt.  (I'm the quilter for September....just waiting for the blocks to come in.)

16 patches for do. Good Stitches
(picture from Emily, used with permission)

22.  Madison's Senior Quilt.  This one may carry over to next year, as it's a graduation present. I'm using 3x6 blocks for this one.
beginnings of Mad's quilt

23.  Pouch for Alicia
Pouch for Bama

24.  Pouch for Trollop
Pouch for Trollop

25.  Pouch for G.
Pouch for Ginny

26.  Pouch for Mom
Pouch for mom

27.  Pouch for Karen
Pouch for Karen

28.  Secret gift pouch #1
Secret Pouch #1

29.  Secret gift pouch #2
Secret Pouch #2

30.  Train Case Makeover
Travel case, in need of makeover

31.  Octopus pillow case for me (I made 2 before, but the one for me is upside down. I've gotten new fabric to redo it.) In the photo, it's the failed one. I'll be making another one, one with the octopi upright, with the cuff on the right.
Pillow case for ME! Octopus pillow case (hubs' version)

32.  Sidekick Bag  (Yup, I wrecked my most lately used 241.  I need a new bag.)  I bought fabric for it a while back when Marla and I shopped.
Sidekick Tote supplies

Yeah.  It's an insane list.  But I think I can make a considerable dent.  Plus, um, there's the pressure of a deadline with the Christmas gift make-age.

Goals for this weekend:
Pin baste like  MOFO....the Malka improv quilt, the two postage stamps, the Wellspring, the Sisters 10, and the Churn Dash....Of course, that means I have to finish the Churn Dash mini first.
Also, cut fabric for the first Meridian....finish the divided basket and maybe the Bess top.