Thursday, December 31, 2015

FAL, First Quarter, 2016

I'm not ready to change my ways.  I'm still going to make a crazy long list.  I've got projects to clear, a play to direct/costume, and tons of new ideas floating around my head.

2016 FAL

That said, I have other goals this year.  I need to remove some clutter, drop some poundage, and read more.  So, no pressure to finish the list.  I have a few projects for which this is the last list they'll be on.  They will either clear or move on to someone else's list.


Sewing List:

1.  Peacock Costumes--These are for the class play.  I need to make 2 sets of wings.

2.  Hedwig Costume (also for the play.  I'm felt feathering a shirt.)

3.  Pageant Sashes (8)--Ugh. EIGHT.
pageant sashes

4.  Hexy Diamond quilt--This is getting done this quarter.  I'm kind of tired of it and want to work on other hand sewing projects.
Hexy diamond used for 4x5 mosaic

5.  Small World QAL-This is one of the hand sewing projects on which I want to work.
IMG_5818 (1)

6.  Patchwork City--Carving away at this one slowly.
Patchwork city

7.  Zelda quilt--this is actually near the top of my list.  I have to finish it by my anniversary.
Zelda quilt

8.  #droidqal (Boba Fett version)
droid qal

9.  Epic Sampler quilt--I have Nov's blocks done and fell behind.
Epic sampler

10.  Red/Purple quilt--These have been sitting in a box.  I think this will be a "to be donated" quilt.
red/purple quilt

11.  Mineral block quilt--I'm still waiting on blocks.
mineral blocks

12.  Serenity Circle quilt...I'm heading a new do.good stitches circle.  My first one is going to be a churn dash in low volume background/bright churn.

13.  Aviatrix quilt--Still picking out fabrics.

14.  Meadow quilt--Taking a class with Lizzy in March!!!!
meadow quilt

15.  Castle Wall piece--Think this is going to be a mini.
Castle Wall block

16.  Esme blouse--I want to sew clothes!
Esme blouse

17.  Doctor Who sampler--This needs to be done for my room.
Dr Who!

18.  Tangential--Ok...I have a huge box of HSTs that I need to face.
part of the border, Tangential

19.  Cross quilt--I need to rig a wall to play with this one more.
cross quilt start

20.  Steampunk--future hand sewing?

21.  Green tea and sweet beans--started this one but want to finish Small World first.
Green tea and sweet beans

22.  Itty Bitty Broken Star--Needs to get done and move out of my pile.
broken lonestar

23.  Starbright 2--ditto
Starbright progress

24.  Cactus tunic--Again, clothes!
Cactus top

25.  Daisy dress--ditto
daisy dress

26.  batik dress--ditto
dress #5

27.  Carolyn Friedlander Collections quilt--LURV her designs.
Carolyn Collections quilt

28.  Mystery Medallion with Karie--I think this one will maybe be a mini.
mystery mini

29.  Bespoke dress--going to be my first Washi
dress #6

30.  Tear Drop quilt-- I have grand ideas...just not great FMQ abilities.

31.  pincushion ring (not my idea.  Found a tutorial here.  Jen Kingwell mentioned it in her class.)

postage stamp

32.  Medallion quilt--thinking of scrap busting on this one
Modern Medallion

33.  pincushions--my go to scrap busting project
pincushion swap

34.  Postage Stamp quilt--ditto
postage stamp

35.  Economy Block, Project Linus quilt  (picture stolen from Karma Willow Designs)
economy blocks

36.  AMH improv mini
AMH improv

37.  flannel pj pants
pj pants

38.  knitting bag/pouch
knit bag/pouch

39.  Moda Building Blocks quilt (it was custom quilted and just needs to be trimmed and bound)
Moda Building Blocks

40.  Who tank #1
who #1

41.  Who tank #2
Who #2

42.  Something Hitchhiker's Guide themed for an anniversary

Knitting List:

1.  Pennant scarf (My mom picked this one out.  I ordered the yarn for her while I was home for Christmas.)

2.  Alluvial Plains Shawl

3.  The Doodler (Muppet version)
#doodler (muppet style

4.  Gradient Shawl (going to use my #getyouryarnwishesgranted awesome yarn)
gradient shawl yarn

5.  Bowties are Cool MKAL shawl--Waiting for my yarn!  (Same order as Mom's)
Bowties are cool MKAL

6.  Possum hat
possum hat

7.  Stag hat
stag hat

8.  Wolf hat
wolf hat

9.  Reyna shawl

10.  Jan mystery socks
Jan socks

11.  Feb mystery socks
mystery sock

12.  March mystery socks
mystery sock

13.  Manticore socks (One is on my needles but I left my pattern and notes at my parents.)

14.  Peacock mittens
Peacock mittens

15.  New scrap blanket
socks scraps

16.  Flesh and Stone socks
Atlantic Currents 2 (became May Mystery)

17.  rose city rollers
rose city rollers

18.  felted shawl
felted shawl

19.  reverse psych shawl
Reverse Psych 2

20.  Dalek dog sweater
dalek dog sweater

21.  Exploration Station Shawl  (waiting on yarn)
Exploration Station

22.  my doodler, version 1.0

doodler 1.0
23.  Katniss socks
Katniss socks

24.  Raven swirl socks

25.  Fraggle squiggle socks

Some of these will HAVE to get done this quarter as they are for my class play.  I hope to knock out at least three of the quilts.  The reality is, I'm sure at least three more projects will strike me. Sigh.  ADHD, that's me.  Did I mention that I also want to read more this year?