Sunday, December 11, 2016

Some winter finishes.....

I am still behind in posting pictures, but I have a few projects done.

I made a wallet in a class with Southern Bobbin.


I finished a pi pillow for the Maker's Space and donated my pixel pillow there as well.

pi pillow pixel pillow

I've made some progress on my improv quilt.

improv quilt

I finished a journal cover for the guild swap.

journal cover

My John's Adam's quilt is done and ready to post.

John Adams quilt

I made a tunnel quilt and LOVED making it.  I hand quilted it with perle.

Tunnel quilt

I finished two Simple Sampler quilts.  (Here's a pic of one.  The other one is still in my unphotographed pile.)

Simple Sampler for Robin

Not photographed yet, but done:
Epic Sampler quilt
2nd Simple Sampler
Hospice 2 quilt
Serenity Triangle quilt
Rail Fence quilt
Michael Miller challenge quilt

And because every post is better with a sleepy doggy:


Soooooo many presents to finish and so little time.....
How are y'all doing?