Friday, September 21, 2012

A happy ending...(warning:contains profanity)

which totally sounds wrong.
Part of today sucked.
Yelling at a billing office and now hunting for a new doc.  Seriously, peoples, I've worked for a doc so I know how things are supposed to go.  This office has made too many BIG mistakes.

I've been a bit under the weather this week.  Crabby.  Tired.  Angry tummy.
I really didn't want to be at work yesterday (which is saying a lot because I love my job).
I came home to some packages.  Fabric I'd ordered and MY SAILOR MOUTH SWAP ITEM.

Cover your eyes now if you don't like cursing.

Holy shit, y'all.  It was fabulous.
It's from Jess over at The Elven Garden.

It says a really naughty word.  The F one.

Sailor Mouth Swap received!

Gah.  She also send some text fabrics I haven't seen before.

Texty goodness from Jess

My night was so much better even if part of it was napping with an angry cat and drinking peppermint tea.

On top of that, today I found out I made the finals in Rachel's Stitched in Color palette challenge.
softly against black

Voting is open all weekend.  Even if you don't pick mine, vote!  There are some gorgeous choices out there.

I'm also slowly but surely working on the Medallion quilt.  I'm FINALLY at the orange peel stage.  It's on my finish before the end of Sept. list.

  Medallion progress